#1. “What is this hollow handle/spout-shaped metal bowl thing?”

Wht-ever / Reddit

Answer: “A component that makes a cream separator.”

#2. “What is this padded satin object with ribbon ties and a hole in the center?” Appears to be handcrafted, like a case for a cosmetic item.”

ellanaKG / Reddit

Answer: “It appears to fit on top of a hanger (thus the hole in the middle). This would transform a smooth wooden hanger into one with a satin finish/top to keep light things like slips or lingerie from falling off the hanger. The ties might perhaps be used to fasten it to the hanger. However, this is only a guess!”

#3. Three little plastic objects. Has a cap that protects two little nubs on top.”

letsgetdanky / Reddit

Answer:  “I was over here thinking it was for 2 part epoxy.”

#4. “I found this at the seashore. It’s less than a foot long and seems to be a thread with a number of little discs strung on it?”

burntshake98 / Reddit

Answer: “Those egg shells are whelk!”

#5 “A Chevy Bolt’s belt mechanism attached to the back wheel”

rhinnaflor / Reddit

Answer: “It appears to be a homemade charging system.”

#6. “A black substance that seems to have leaked from the ceiling, directly beneath a light.”

tsm47821 / Reddit

Answer: “They have been planted with that goo, bad ballast.”

#7 “A little, hollow glass item with an odd aperture. What’s that?

ilovescully96 / Reddit

Answer: Glass flower holder/vase.

#8 “Reddit is my last hope after 20 years of research!”

Answer:  “Within a Freshwater Drum’s Mouth.”

#9 “I discovered it in a Swedish woodland, at a height of around 1 m, with a diameter of about 20 cm. Though it is hard to the touch, when knocked, it drops liquid.

 Tricky_e / Reddit

Answer:  “Looks like guttation, an excess moisture-emitting polypore fungus.”

#10. “I received a suitcase from China that contained six of these. I’m not sure why! What do they represent?

JudiasGoldberg / Reddit

Answer: Jericho Rose (also called the Dinosaur Plant, Resurrection Plant, or Jericho Rose)

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