Parents kick their teen son out, and years later, they demand to live in his expensive house instead of him.

It is expected of children in some cultures to obey their parents, even if it means following particular professional choices. Such expectations were placed on one individual since his family insisted on a lengthy line of physicians. He chose to pursue a career in acting and social media at the age of 17, defying expectations in the process and starting tiny businesses. His parents booted him out because they didn’t like his decisions, and they didn’t speak to him for 17 years.

The family learned about the man’s accomplishments as an investment banker when they returned during the COVID-19 epidemic. Even though he was financially successful, his parents were taken aback when they saw his fancy house since they had imagined he had an ordinary existence. He held steadfast, emphasizing their past lack of support, accusing him of lying, and said they would live with him. Despite being threatened with disinheritance, he didn’t seem to care, focusing instead on how expensive a house in his neighborhood was.

Given that his parents first showed interest in him after learning of his money, the guy now wonders if his attitude was too severe. The case brings up moral questions regarding obligations to one’s family and the effect of material prosperity on strained bonds.

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