12 Crazy Secrets People Discovered Too Late

Little children’s innocence is immeasurable. Our perceptions shift significantly as we become older, and certain memories from the past take on completely new meanings from when we were younger. All of a sudden, we find that some of the things that appeared natural to us as kids were actually terrifying.

Fifteen Reddit members talked about some startling and unsettling experiences they had in the past.

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When I was five years old, my mother would constantly complain that she was sick and would never want to get out of bed. She was finally taken to a hospital by my stepdad, where she spent about a month. I found it amazing that her hospital allowed her to do crafts all the time; after she recovered, she continued to do projects with me when she went home.I recalled telling Mom that I wanted to spend the entire day drawing in the hospital. She sat me down and told me that although she hoped I would never become ill like she did if I did, there was nothing wrong with seeking assistance to recover, even if it meant spending a short period away from home.I didn’t know the institution mom had visited was a mental health facility until I was maybe 13 years old, at which point I realized I didn’t want to get out of bed. But because of her, I’ve never felt guilty for seeking therapy when things seem too much to handle or even just to have a positive outlook. kenda1l / Reddit


I had assumed that everyone served time in jail or prison at some point in their lives. When I relocated to the suburbs and met folks who had no idea what a jail or prison was, it surprised me a lot. Doggo6893 / Reddit


When I was younger, I used to have a recurring dream/nightmare about a dark person who would enter my parents’ room through the walls. However, I would always be safe as long as I hid beneath the sheet I used to create a fort out of. For years, I thought it was simply a bad dream. Then, as I grew older, I learned from my dad that some guy had broken into our house while I was playing and attempted to take me. My mother, who was eight months pregnant at the time and carrying my sister, used a metal vacuum cleaner hose to chase him away and down the street. FakeSchwarzenbach / Reddit


My father told me he had won free pizza coupons thirty years ago when I was nine years old. He also showed me a large stack of these tiny business cards, each good for a free large pizza. We would only use them sometimes, though, because my dad stated we had to use them carefully.
Even though I was only nine years old, I recall my dad occasionally making me order pizza and answering the door to receive a free pizza. In retrospect, I see that my father was hardly a model citizen; he was employed by a commercial printing company. He probably didn’t win those cards. shyblonde83 / Reddit


When I believed we were still in car seat age, my grandmother pulled over my cousin and me as we were riding with her. The cop threw her in the back of the police car while cuffing her because she had an outstanding warrant for writing a bad check or something similar. We had to be picked up by my aunt. At the time, we found it amusing, but now I find it hard to believe I saw my grandmother get jailed. Tayayayaylor / Reddit


It was certainly an eye-opener to realize that spilling a drink or shattering a cup wasn’t a huge concern. I had to rethink a lot of my childhood after seeing my girlfriend act as though I was crazy while I apologized for dropping a glass of water for twenty minutes. HELLFIRECHRIS / Reddit


After my dad lost his work, we went through a difficult period for almost a year. Every morning, Dad got up early to prepare breakfast for all of us before we left for school. dad also worked side jobs to pay for home cleaning, all the while keeping our struggles hidden from us. Because he was “overqualified,” he was unable to obtain a simple job. tuckerb_2000 / Reddit


My father used to kiss women I saw for the first time when I was about 7 years old. I didn’t care because I was used to believing that a passionate kiss on the cheek was simply a polite greeting. My father approached me and handed me $20 for just standing there when he saw me watching him kiss a woman. A few years later, I learned what he was doing and was deeply saddened. Lasok-Yt / Reddit


My grandmother told me that she miscarried not too long after giving birth to her final child. I told her around nine o’clock that it was better for her because my mom, aunt, and uncle were troublemakers. When she became enraged with me, I was perplexed. I was unaware of how seriously flawed it was. where my son** / Reddit


I wrote a small note to my mom when I was six or seven years old, expressing my worry that it was upsetting my dad after my mom went out for the evening. On their bed, I dropped the message. My mother handed the note to me and told me how upset she was. My dad told me, more than 20 years later, that my mother was openly having an affair with her now-husband. To maintain her friendship with him, my dad would drive her to his house. It turns out that my dad and my younger half-brother shared a home when she became pregnant. When I learned the truth, it was all a huge revelation. Eat_A_J***_Pal / Reddit


We were at some sort of resort; the day before, I had been frightened by a jumping rock thing on the beach, so my mother and I decided not to go down to the sand, but to spend the day near the lobby in a kids’ play area. Suddenly, alarms went off, so we went outside, and I felt my mother’s arm pull at me as we started to run through the lobby. I was most worried about an image I created with crayons when I dropped one of my drawings and stooped over to pick it up. I also noticed ocean water surging up near my heels and realized that I had survived the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami. Dyljim / Reddit


I used to play at the park with a girl my age when I went on a day trip with my dad. I didn’t know her, but she was by herself. After my dad and I left, the girl was once more on her own. Where were her parents, etc., my dad inquired. All of my family began asking me questions about this little child when I mentioned her in a large news article about a kid who had been abducted later that evening. When I was approximately five years old, it passed directly over my head. I still think about her, forty years later. Eve-76 / Reddit

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