A boy at school pulled her bra. What She Did Next Is Priceless!

A vengeful mother made cruel remarks after her daughter was in trouble.

It is hard to verify the details of this narrative because all names and locations have been altered. However, I believe it’s significant, which is why I wish to share this tale with you. Everyone should defend their child in this way! Well done.

In A&E, I am a nurse. Our phones belong in our lockers; we shouldn’t be carrying them around. When someone phones me at the hospital, a private number rings.

“Hello, [School Name] Teacher.” Something happened with [Daughter]. Please enter.

Me: “Is she ill or injured?” Could it wait till two hours from now, when my shift ends?

Phone call: “[Daughter] struck another pupil.”We have now been phoning you for forty-five minutes. It is very significant.

They show me to the head’s office when I get to the school. I saw the director, my daughter, her yearhead, a kid with blood on his face and nose, and his parents.

Head: “Mrs. [Your Name], we are so grateful that you could finally join us!”

“Yes, A&E does get busy,” I said. “I just completed suturing a seven-year-old child whose mother had beaten him with a metal ladle, giving him almost forty stitches. I then had to handle the problem with the police. Sorry for the inconvenience.

After I see him attempt to hide his embarrassment, he tells me what transpired. My daughter grabbed her bra and then struck the kid twice in the face. I initially believed they were more upset with my daughter than with the male.

Me: “Oh, I see. Are you interested in knowing if I plan to prosecute him for abusing my daughter sexually and the school for enabling him to do so?

(They all become tight and start talking at the same moment when I mention “s****l assault.”).

“I didn’t think it was all that bad,” the instructor said.

Year’s Head: “Let’s not get too worked up.”

Head: “I think you’re missing the mark.”

At that point, the boy’s mother begins to cry. How did that come to pass? My daughter asks me.

My daughter stated, “He kept poking my bra.” I told Mr. [Teacher] because he wouldn’t stop. I should not worry about it, he said. I attacked the boy because he had done it before and had removed my bra. After that, he stopped.

(I glance toward the instructor.)

Did you consent to his doing that? How come you didn’t stop him? Come over here, and I’ll touch the front of your pants.

“What?” inquired the instructor. “No!”

“Does that seem wrong to you?” I said. Put on the bra immediately, Mrs. [Head of Year]. Look at how much fun she is having. or on that boy’s mother. Either yours or mine. Because they’re kids, you think it’s fun?

It said, “Mrs. [My Name],” over the head. “I apologize, but [Daughter] hit another child.”

Me: “No, sir. When a fellow student launched a s****l attack on her, she retaliated. He weighs about 11 or 12 stone and is about 6 feet tall. She is sixty-six kilos in weight. He is a foot taller and weighs twice as much as she does. How could she have let him touch her so many times? Someone in the classroom was supposed to aid her and keep her safe. If that individual hadn’t been present, what would she have done? He tugged so forcefully on her bra that it fell off.

The boy’s mother is still sobbing, and his father has a confused, embarrassed face. The instructor is not focusing on me. (I glance at the best instructor.)

I declared, “I’m taking her home.” It appears that the youngster has picked up his lesson. I also hope that [Daughter] and no other girl at this school experience this ever again. You wouldn’t allow him to do it to a staff member, so it’s absurd that you believe he can do it to a fifteen-year-old girl. I will bring this up with the leaders. If you do this, I’ll have you arrested for s****l assault. The boy looks at me and I say, “Never touch my daughter again.” Are you understanding it?

I was so upset that I gathered my daughter’s belongings and fled. I brought it up to the Board of Governors, some of whom I know from church (the school is Catholic), and they assured me that it would be given careful consideration.

I also informed the government body responsible for monitoring schools, OFSTED, who expressed similar disbelief and promised to contact the institution. My daughter was placed in a separate class for that topic, far from the male and the instructor.

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