A woman who married a ragdoll says that life with children is complicated.

Finding love may happen in a lot of ways. It’s also not always simple. This woman had a unique method of finding love. She now has shocking news that everyone will hear.

Continue reading to learn more about this fascinating tale.

Being married to Meirivone Rocha Moraes, 37, garnered international attention. Her native country is Brazil. What caused her wedding to become globally famous? The man she chose to wed! She wed a life-size rag doll named Marcelo.

The couple reportedly has three kids at this point. A 1-month-old twin twins Marcela and Emilia, and a 1-year-old boy named Marcelinho.

According to Meirivone, the lives of other mothers and wives are not much different from her own. She shares stories about her life on TikTok. She claims that they have divided up the responsibilities of parenting equally between the two of them. Marcelo, on the other hand, considers how to cover the expenses for the family.

She also discusses the difficulties of raising children. “Even though it’s difficult, I get emotional every single second of every day. Along with taking care of our first kid, Marcelo and I have a lot of responsibilities in our daily lives with the new baby. And he helps me eat, sleep, and take a shower even when I’m exhausted.

Marcelo claims that everything they own is worthwhile, despite her worries. “He looked forward to many things, but he always dreamed of having a family and children,” Meirivone stated.

The couple’s current goal is to buy their own home. “At this point, owning my own house is my dream,” she continued. “Ever after our 2018 wedding, I’ve spent every day searching the internet. I’m not giving up,” the resolute mother of three said.

It stands out because of a few issues with the connection. It hasn’t always been easy in their lives. In June 2023, Meirivone admitted to Marcelo that he had cheated on her. It was hardly his first instance of doing so. She took out his privates and had him sleep on the couch as a kind of punishment.

In February 2023, their toddler Marcelinho was abducted, and a $200 ransom demand was made. He returned to his family after that, and he was present when they announced their impending child to the public.

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