A family was denied a booth at a restaurant. Takes a photo of it, and it immediately becomes viral.

Most people have different preferences when it comes to where they sit at restaurants, with many choosing the coziness and comfort of a booth. Customers may, however, occasionally be directed past booths that are available, raising concerns about the restaurant’s choice.

A family in Dallas encountered this circumstance at a Texas Roadhouse restaurant and decided to express their emotions on social media. When the hostesses went by what looked to be an open booth, they were at first unhappy, but then they noticed a sign on the table saying that the booth was designated for VIPs, which made them reconsider.

After more investigation, the family discovered that the booth was set aside in memory of five Dallas Area Rapid Transit Police Department officers who died in service: Sergeant Michael J. Smith, Officer Michael Krol, Officer Patrick Zamarripa, Senior Corporal Lorne Ahrens, and Mr. Brent Thompson. The eatery decided to honor and remember these police officers who died while performing their duties.

The table’s sign offered a message of remembrance and thanks for their service. Despite their initial disappointment at not being able to get a booth, the customers felt privileged to be seated beside this unique homage. Social media users shared images of the restaurant’s deed and complimented Texas Roadhouse for supporting its police officers as word of the gesture spread.

Positive feedback was given to the management’s choice to set aside a table as a monument for the dead policemen, demonstrating the beneficial effects that these kinds of actions may have on the neighborhood. Once incensed about the seating arrangement, the patrons realized and valued the restaurant’s deed, seeing it as a modest but significant way to honor those who gave their lives for their country.

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