While pregnant, I attended a pottery party that turned out to be a terrible nightmare.

I disregarded the idea that my second pregnancy would be more emotional when I was expecting my second kid. It was my husband’s turn to experience the emotional rollercoaster, I had no idea.

In an attempt to get me out of the house, my buddy Ava registered us for a pottery party. I reluctantly gave in. I had no idea that this seemingly simple outing would lead to an unexpected discovery.

We got along with some ladies who were seeking to unwind and have fun at the pottery place. As birth stories spread, one woman related how her boyfriend, Malcolm, skipped their son’s birth to attend his niece Tess’s July 4th delivery.

I glanced at Ava, uncomfortable at the strange parallel to my circumstances. I showed the woman a photo of Tess, Malcolm, and me, and her affirmation made my whole world go haywire. Malcolm had fathered a child with this woman in addition to cheating on me.

I burst out of the room in disbelief, tears running down my cheeks. Malcolm broke up our marriage by confirming the affair. Five weeks from now, I’ll give birth, and in the meanwhile, I have to deal with the heartbreaking truths of infidelity, divorce, and the introduction of a stepbrother.

My priorities continue to be raising my kids in a loving environment and protecting them from the consequences of their father’s conduct while I manage this unexpected turn of events.

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