A Lesson in Kindness and Forgiveness: Accepting the Power of Forgiveness.

I was at the mall one typical day when I walked into a clothes store to look for the ideal dress for my approaching Christmas dinner. I had no idea that this shopping excursion would teach me a very important lesson about the tremendous power of forgiveness and love.

Claire, a young woman, greeted me as I walked up to the sales counter and she appeared polite at first. Her happy mood soon soured, though, when she made a harsh remark about my size. Her insensitivity shocked me, and I had mixed emotions of grief and rage. How on earth could someone be so careless?

After a few weeks, with the holidays well underway, I found myself preparing to spend Christmas with my loved ones. I had no idea, though, that an unforeseen series of circumstances would soon impart a lesson on me that I would never forget. The salesperson who had made fun of me, Claire, surprised and confused me by showing up at my boyfriend’s house for the holiday celebrations.

Even though I was shocked and scared at first, I made a decision. I choose to respond in a different way rather than becoming enraged or resentful. I smiled broadly and motioned for Claire to take a seat at the table as I welcomed her into our house. Though it wasn’t simple, I concluded that harboring resentment and bitterness would only make me feel worse. I had the opportunity to demonstrate to her the actual meaning of forgiveness.

Claire and I had long, meaningful talks the whole evening, exchanging jokes, emotions, and tales. We discovered later in the evening that we had more in common than we had previously believed. Our experience at the mall was only a reflection of our sorrow as we each struggled with our anxieties.

This unplanned meeting proved to be a gift in disguise at the end of the evening. It not only helped me let go of my resentment against Claire, but it also imparted valuable knowledge to me. We must never assess someone else by their size or any other outside characteristic. Who we are as people is determined by our inner traits and deeds.

Let us keep in mind the importance of forgiveness as we approach the Christmas season with love and happiness in our hearts. May we all exhibit kindness and compassion at our get-togethers with loved ones, treating everyone with decency and empathy despite our differences. Accepting the forgiveness-filled spirit not only mends broken relationships but also strengthens our bonds as a species.

Thus, as you enjoy this Christmas with your loved ones, remember the amazing power of forgiveness. Reach out and offer forgiveness to people who have wronged you. You may find a newfound feeling of understanding and serenity that enhances your happiness.

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