After learning that his father was having an affair, the boy exposed him in front of the entire family.

Four years ago, a Redditor told a tale of how he revealed his father’s infidelity over a family meal in front of the entire family.

OP stated that his father was missing from his life since he went on extended business travels and concentrated on his job rather than his family. The person in question said, “My siblings and I were raised only by my mother, and I’m close with her.”

When OP was 16, he realized that his father started acting strangely. The person in question stated, “I remember a few months ago he came home super late and I could smell a little perfume on him.” And while his dad put his phone on the table, OP noticed a text message that said, “Last night was amazing, can’t wait to see you again” and included some emojis.

When OP received the message, he was horrified and quickly contacted his mother. His mom was not surprised. According to the author, “She got pretty emotional which I felt bad about, and advised me not to be concerned and that I should just focus on being a kid and let her take care of the rest, so I just let it go cause I didn’t want to hurt her more.”

When every member of the family was at the grandparents’ house for supper, OP’s cousin announced that he had a new job, and OP’s father attempted to shame his son in front of the entire family.

His father began to discuss how OP should be like his cousin, focusing on education for possibilities, and so on. He continued to talk till he reached a point when he mentioned his son’s lack of respect.

As OP had had enough, he stated, “Hard to acknowledge you when you openly betray Mom and don’t even try to hide it”.

As the rest of the family became surprised, the father began to rage at OP’s mother, accusing her of pampering and destroying him. As they began to dispute, family members attempted to calm them down. Then OP’s mother left the house with her children, telling OP’s father not to return home.

OP’s phone rang as soon as they got home because everyone was contacting him to tell him that he had wrecked the evening and his family. “She said that she understood my anger and I probably should have expressed it better privately but what’s done is done,” the individual said after speaking with his mother.

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