A SALESWOMAN MADE FUN OF A CUSTOMER BECAUSE OF HER SIZE. Later, the saleswoman unexpectedly paid a visit to the customer at her boyfriend’s home for Christmas.

I went to the shopping not too long ago to get a frock for Christmas dinner. Claire is a female employee in the sales department. To put it another way, she has a special knack for bringing joy to the holidays.

She therefore pretended to be a fashion critic at the store. She started making fun of me when I tried on one of her dresses. “You need a bigger size, or it’ll blow up on you on Christmas,” she stated aloud for all to hear. “Or maybe a diet will help you.”

I had to cope with a feisty girl’s hurtful remarks about the outfit she picked out for me while I was in the store. Those in the vicinity were chuckling or astonished. I simply walked away since I didn’t have the time or energy to confront her.

I tried to talk to my spouse when I came home, but he wasn’t accessible. My kid became upset when I told him about the entire situation. I stopped him to prevent further conflict, but he wanted to know the name of the business so he could face the saleswoman.

I couldn’t have been more thrilled to finally meet my son’s girlfriend on Christmas Eve. That was a great day because the entire family was present. I was horrified to learn that my son’s girlfriend was the same person who had made fun of me in the store when they came inside.

This is when it gets interesting. When Claire, the salesperson, understood who I was, she blushed shamefully. She said she felt ill out of the blue and wanted to go. I debated throwing her out but ultimately decided to give it another shot. Perhaps she was having issues that day. I put on a grin as the hostess and said, “Oh, Claire, it’s so wonderful to finally meet you! Please make it! We will attend to your needs.

There was tension in the air when we sat down to eat. The young woman tried not to look at me, the supposedly ignorant mother, in an attempt to appear calm. She had no idea what was about to happen. We laughed and spoke about everything over our wonderful supper. Our kin related their tales from that year. Except for one person, everyone was at ease.

Occasionally, she would make cruel jokes out of nervousness, which would make my mother-in-law uncomfortable. I didn’t think my son’s attempt to stop her was sufficient.

Then the time arrived that we had all been anticipating. I decided to reveal a surprise in the midst of the Christmas feast. “While I don’t want to spoil our Christmas, there is someone here who shouldn’t be,” I remarked. I told my family what Claire had said to me in the store. You could almost hear a pin drop when it came to the reality.

Everyone looked stunned my son first. The self-deprecating Claire found herself thrust uninvited into the limelight.

I’m sorry, but my son didn’t believe it. He took command without thinking. Upon seeing Claire, he was filled with despair and amazement. He immediately ended their relationship by kicking her out.

There was a sense of justice when Claire packed up and moved on. The individual who was fine with making light of someone’s appearance was now having to cope with the fallout from her remarks.

My kid approached me later while we were clearing away the remains from what should have been a joyous Christmas supper. He expressed his gratitude to me for being honest and disclosing Claire’s true nature. He realized that he deserved a caring and respectful partner.

Justice never takes a vacation. And sometimes, even when it comes with a side of unanticipated drama, the truth is the finest present you can get. To a Christmas that I will always remember!

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