Drop three ice cubes into the washing machine: you can’t imagine what happens to your laundry.

You can’t even begin to picture what happens to the laundry when you throw three ice cubes into the washing machine. Try this method as soon as possible. The outcomes are astounding.

After being taken out of the dryer or washing machine, clothes are frequently wrinkly. All you have to do to solve this issue is load up your washing machine or dryer (if it has one) with two to three ice cubes, then set it on high drying for five minutes. The heat from the dryer will dissolve the ice cubes, and the steam will assist the garments become more flattering. Consequently, the garments will be flatter than usual once they have dried.
You may use this method to flatten dresses, t-shirts, and shirts when washing them.

You may use a moist towel in place of ice cubes if you don’t have any. The moist towel’s steam will rise because to the interior’s high temperature, straightening the clothing’ creases.

Note: For the greatest results, hang the clothing as soon as possible once they have dried.

To smooth out your clothing without using an iron, use white vinegar if you don’t have a clothes dryer or a washing machine with an integrated dryer.

In particular, you combine vinegar and water in a 1:3 ratio, which you then transfer into a spray bottle. After hanging the clothing, mist the wrinkle-causing areas with the mixture. The creases go away when the clothing is totally dry. Additionally, this combination works well to soften textiles and whiten clothing.

Wrinkles might be less noticeable if you always dry your clothing after washing it, whether by hand or in a machine.

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