A woman takes one look at her best friend’s baby and files for divorce.

Sometimes we might find something that we never even considered to be conceivable. Nobody is more aware of this than Hailey Mae, a former TikTok user who uncovered her ex-husband’s sinister secret.

Like most young people, Hailey Mae was enjoying herself with her spouse and a few pals. She now refers to one of these individuals as her former best friend.

The marriage appeared to be going well, and Hailey’s husband insisted that she take care of herself after she became pregnant. She complied with the regulations and got clean and sober as part of this.

She posted an explanation of the circumstances on TikTok, however, the video has already been taken down from the social media site. She said in the video that she wasn’t able to hang out with her friends as frequently as she used to because she was trying her hardest to stay sober.

Hailey and her now ex-husband went on to have three children together. She chose to maintain her friendship with her spouse since she loves those kids and doesn’t want anything to come between them.

This involved maintaining a cordial relationship with the person he cheated on.

It so happened that at the time, that individual was her best friend. Hailey clarified that she had learned of the romance through an unlikely source.

Her spouse is known for having a highly unusual birthmark that runs in his family. The offspring of her erstwhile closest friend have the same birthmark.

She could tell right away that something was fishy.

She then released a second video in response to several inquiries from the public. Her whole account, including the video, has since been wiped.

She claimed that she stays in contact with them because she values her children and their step-sisters. “I have a half-brother that I met when I was twelve, and he’s one of my best friends,” she continued. I want my kids to know who their biological parents are because I couldn’t picture my life without him.

She said that her ex-best friend has since advised her ex-husband to drive away, meaning he was no longer allowed to see his kid.

May, who acknowledges that she was deluded at the time, remained married for a few years despite learning of her husband’s infidelity.

She had since divorced him, but she still shares parenting responsibilities with him and maintains “very high standards for my kids seeing their dad.”

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