An old man sheds tears as he remembers meeting his wife.

While there are many days in life that we may still recall, most people tend to remember their anniversary. It’s the day they get to know someone special, and it’s usually a day to dwell on love.

Of course, we can commemorate a wide variety of anniversaries, and each one might have a unique significance. There are the dates of our first date, our wedding anniversary, and our first meeting.

This joke is meant to address it. In it, a man is thinking back to the day he met his wife, and she enters the room just in time to witness him crying.

A woman gets up in the middle of the night and finds that her husband is not in bed.

After putting on her robe, she heads downstairs to find him. She discovers him enjoying a cup of hot chocolate from the kitchen table.

He just seems to be staring at the wall, lost in contemplation.

She observes while he removes a tear from his eye. As she enters the room, she whispers, “What’s the matter, dear?” “This late in the evening, why are you down here?”

“It’s the 20th Anniversary of the day we met,” the husband says, looking up from his glass.

She begins to cry because she can’t believe he remembered.

“Do you remember when we started dating 20 years ago?” the husband asks his wife. You were just 15 and I was 18,” he remarked seriously.

The woman is moved to tears once more when she realizes how sensitive and caring her husband is. “Yes, I do,” she answers.

The spouse hesitates. The words were hard to come out.

“Recall the time your dad found us hiding in my car’s back seat?”

“Yes, I do recall,” the wife remarked as she sank into a chair next to him.

The husband went on. “Recall the moment he pressed a shotgun against my face and threatened to send me to prison if I didn’t marry my daughter?”

“I recall that as well,” she mutely retorted.

He wiped another tear from his face, sighed, and added,

“Today, I would have left.”

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