After discovering that his bed was a mess when he returned from work, he decided to install cameras in his room.

A man posted a story in Reddit’s r/AITA community. The man explained that when he returned from his night work, he discovered that his bed was dirty, so he decided to install concealed cameras in his room to check out what was going on. He was stunned by the results.

The Redditor u/Vast_Sky2172 revealed that he lives with his roommate and both attend college.

OP claimed that he works part-time and has had no problems with his roommate before recently.

Recently, after returning from his night shift, he found his bed in a disorganized state and discovered clothing that did not belong to him. He said that since he would have notified him before the sleepover, his partner couldn’t be the culprit and that’s why he wanted to put in some covert cameras in his room to record the truth.

“I went into work and the camera app notified me that there was motion in the room,” the original poster said. My roommate and his girlfriend were on my bed when I turned on the webcam. After I became embarrassed, I turned off the video.

Then, the other morning, his boyfriend arrived, and OP showed him the film. “My boyfriend texts my roommate the video, and he texts back that he wants to talk when he gets home,” the OP said in clarification.

When his roommate arrived, they confronted him and said that his girlfriend preferred the other bed to his own and that the OP’s bed was far more comfy.

Additionally, his roommate’s girlfriend attempted to harm him after finding out that he had concealed cameras installed.

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