A woman was traumatized after a DNA kit revealed her husband’s 22-year affair with her mother.

After realizing her husband had been having an affair with her mother for 22 years, a woman was left upset and ended up in counseling.

The woman explained her experience on Reddit, saying she and her husband have been together for nearly 39 years since they were both 15 years old.

“I have been with my 39-year-old husband since we were 15. I got pregnant at 17, and we moved in with my parents,” she wrote.

OP and her husband relocated to her grandparents’ house, which was just adjacent to her parent’s house, after giving birth to their oldest daughter.

“My grandparents built a house next door to my parents when they retired,” she explained. “My parents decided to let us live in this house and told us this would be my inheritance. My husband and I had no issues with this. We went on to have [three more children], and I’m currently seven months pregnant with my last child.”

The woman stated that she always assumed her marriage was good because they intimated twice a week, exchanged gifts on a regular basis, and went out on romantic evenings every weekend.

“We were intimate more than twice a week, we went on date nights, we bought each other gifts, we didn’t fight.”

However, on New Year’s Eve 2021, OP arrived early from a girls’ trip and rushed straight to her bedroom, only to discover her husband having sex with her mother.

“I walked into my bedroom to find my mum having sex with my husband,” she wrote. “My mother screamed at me to get out of ‘their’ bedroom which really shook me up even more. Unfortunately, my oldest daughter was also home in her bedroom across the house getting ready for a party.”

“She ran out and witnessed my all but a bed sheet naked mother run out of our house next door to her house and slam the door,” OP continued. “My daughter was devastated and went to my sister’s house. I asked her not to say anything until I first talked to my husband.”

When OP confronted her husband and questioned why he did that, he said her mother seduced him when they were both 18 and lived in OP’s parents’ house for a few years.

“I asked him for the truth. He told me my mum seduced him when we were 18 and living in their house. They’d been having unprotected sex at least once a month for longer than we were married.”

His admission made matters worse because, after doing the maths, OP determined that her twin brothers, born after their affair began, maybe her husband’s.

“I ran the maths and was horrified because the timeline meant my twin brothers and youngest brother could be my husband’s.”

“I immediately called my dad and told him to come to my house without my mum. I made my husband confess and my dad was devastated, he and my mum were high school sweethearts too,” she wrote. “Needless to say, we could hear my mother screaming from her house when he confronted her.”

My dad kicked her out, and she’s now living with my 38-year-old sister.”

The family found that OP’s twin brothers were his husband’s biological children after doing a DNA test.

“My dad insisted on a DNA test for the three youngest boys before he’d consider anything to do with their marriage. The twins are my husband’s biological children. I’ve since kicked him out and he’s living with his parents.”

The woman has evicted her husband and is now looking for a larger property elsewhere with her father so that they can live together.

“Since the house was still in my father’s name, my husband will get no money from the sale, and neither will my mother since inherited assets are not subject to be split in divorces,” she added. “My mother is also likely to not get any alimony, as our state is not a no-fault divorce state.”

“My husband is appalled and furious that I proved he actually is about to have seven kids, instead of five, and that I’m going to be taking half his business away from him.”

The woman also said that her now ex-husband got her and her mother pregnant within a month of each other. She now feels foolish because she enjoyed the moment when both she and her mother were pregnant at the same time.

All marital assets, including enterprises, are always shared equally, according to the woman in her estate, which means she will take over half of her husband’s firm.

“I’m extremely bitter and angry at my mother, especially at her hypocrisy of calling me a whore and shaming my family, when she’s done much worse,” she wrote. “I also despise my ex with everything within me now, as he was having sex with both my mum and me in some instances coming to our bed minutes later.”

“He got my mother pregnant less than a week after getting me pregnant and while I thought it was so cute and fun that I shared a pregnancy experience with my mum, she was carrying my children’s half-siblings.”

The mother concluded her statement by noting that she and her children have all been to counseling as a result of the trauma that has broken their lives.

“I’ve been in therapy since the first week of January. I’ve offered this for my two adult children if they need family therapy with all of us, but they’re doing individual therapy right now.”

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