Unibrow Model Sophia Hadjipanteli Strikes a Pose in a Sequin Gown at Cannes

Sophia Hadjipanteli, who violates all so-called modern beauty norms and unapologetically pushes for natural beauty, shocked everyone on the Cannes Film Festival 2023 red carpet on Sunday, May 21, in a stunning rhinestone gown.

The Instagram influencer, who has over 500K followers, looked stunning in a V-neck navy dress with a fully-beaded bodice as she walked the red carpet.

“The dress, which had built-in sequined gloves, also had two thigh-high slits up the front to give a flash of leg. Sophia finished off her outfit with a pair of sheer tights and black pointy heels with a bejeweled strap,” wrote Daily Mail.

According to 7News, the 25-year-old is a staunch proponent of unibrow and has been published in numerous high-profile publications, including Vogue, Vanity Fair, Elle, and Harpers Bazaar.

“You can be the textbook ugliest person, but feel extremely beautiful if you feel that within yourself,” the model told the news channel’s Morning Show last year.

“I have always been really expressive with my style, and I always encourage people to do whatever makes them feel most confident,” she added. “I guess my Greek Cypriot heritage has allowed me to experiment with my eyebrows because they always grow back.”

The young model stated that she was bullied in high school and has faced online harassment since going public with her appearance.

“I constantly get negative criticism for the way I look and it does sting a little, but I am definitely used to standing up for myself and believing in myself as a result of it.”

“My ‘flaw’ actually is the reason I love myself so much. The incredible artists, models, actors, and other creatives that have come into my life through discovering each other online are amazing.”

Sophia, who grew up in both the UK and the US, is also an activist who regularly urges others to question society’s established beauty standards, according to The Great Frog.

“I created the #UnibrowMovement to create a safe space on the internet where people can express themselves however they want, in a community of people who are on a similar wave,” she told the British publication.

She stated that her goal is to foster an environment in which people value their natural beauty and do not rely on artificial techniques to improve their beauty.

“I just want to show people you can be whoever you want, look however you want, and love whoever you want without fear of constant rejection.”

“Even if it is just a small amount of support from a group of strangers online, that is still enough to make someone believe in themselves.”

The influencer, who is known for her body positivity initiatives, also stated that when she was upset because someone made disparaging remarks about her brows and overall appearance, her brother consoled her and encouraged her to never stop being herself.

“My brother said to me once, ‘Sophia, you can’t look different and not expect people to treat you differently.’ I think that’s something I have taken with me every day.”

Sophia, who founded ‘The Unibrow Movement,’ has built an Instagram network of like-minded people and uses her account to advocate for body positivity and natural beauty standards.

“I get a lot of messages from mums saying that I have inspired them to not pluck their daughter’s or their son’s unibrows from a young age,” Hadjipanteli said. “This is my achievement, it is only the beginning, but I’m so glad to play my part in bringing positive reforms to society.”

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