I believe that we have all witnessed proof of the adage “birds of a feather flock together” at some point in our lives. It does appear that getting along with someone who is close to you and shares your interests is easier.

Another proverb that speaks of odd bedfellows occasionally fits in rather nicely. It is the antithesis of birds of a feather, yet it may be quite effective in the appropriate circumstances.

Evidence of it was just discovered on the internet when a narrative about pets who grew up in nearby homes and fell in love with one another was shared. The fact that one was a dog and the other was a cat is what makes the story the most fascinating.

They would gaze across the yard and out the windows at each other every day. They appeared to love their routine, but sadly, the cat’s owner took a step that caused their relationship to end.

The dog was no longer able to view his beloved when potted plants were placed on the windowsill where the cat liked to sit. The love story appears to be coming to an end, but it gets better.

When the owner noticed that the dog was depressed by not being able to see the cat, they took action. She went over and left a really tragic message posted on the neighbor’s window.

It stated:

“To My Neighbor,

“I know this will seem crazy, but I wanted to let you know that your cat and my dog, who live next door, are incredibly in love. and has likely been for six months! He places his paws on our railing three times a day so you can see him/her in your windowsill. He is devastated now that you have potted plants there. yet never stops searching for your kitty. Could your plants go to a different window, perhaps?
Regards from your neighbor and her devoted dog.

Upon noticing the note, the owner of the cat moved the potted plants and penned a new note that read, “For True Love!”

After they were able to see each other at last, they now spend their days pining to see their beloved across the yard.

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