The father was praised for choosing to carry his large dog instead of his small son.

Confounding yet enthralling viewers, a heartwarming video of a guy strolling with his little child and a huge dog in his arms went viral online.

Mexican Luz Elena captured on camera a father carrying a massive gray pit bull, its head hanging over the man’s shoulder while holding his small son’s hand with one arm. The dog’s mouth was wagging.

In Elena’s cute and funny TikTok video, “When your priority is your dog, not the child,” the father, dog, and youngster are seen crossing the street and walking down the sidewalk. It acts as a conversation starter regarding priorities in the family.

As they approached the sidewalk, the three seemed to be joined by a woman who was trailing closely behind and towing a child’s bike or three-wheeled stroller that held a sizable boxed item.

A TikTok user said that the child’s mother had stolen his car, forcing him to walk. The mother pulling the tricycle from behind went unnoticed. The child is now walking since mom put something in the trike. Is the dog sick, perhaps?

Others argued that the puppy should be held since the child’s shoes were shielding his or her feet from the heat of the sidewalk, which was too hot for the dog’s paws. Someone remarks, “This is very sweet.” He is carrying him since the pavement is probably much too hot for the dog’s paws.

The fact that most people were proud of the father for having the puppy shows how non-traditional, interspecies families are becoming more and more common, and they often end up with furry offspring.

He grabs him by the hand, demonstrating a great deal of empathy and responsibility for both his son and his pet. a thousand felicitations. writes in the singular. Another remarks, “Super dad,” referring to the father’s affection for the dog as well as the child. It’s what I would have done, too. The child is wearing shoes, but the dog is not. It also has a hot appearance. With his mother present, perhaps he felt like taking a stroll.

This adorable video was published by Luz over a year ago, but it still gets a lot of attention and has almost 4.7 million views.

It’s so beautiful how this parent is expressing his love for his dog and child! We wish that everyone’s care for animals was the same. What are your thoughts on this father?

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