A woman couldn’t figure out why her boyfriend was so upset with her and why their family Christmas had gone so badly. To see if she was at fault, she went to Reddit.

A 30-year-old lady was seeing a man who, just a year before their start of dating, had split up with his high school sweetheart. Even though he had moved on from that relationship, his family members did not feel the same way.

The mother of the woman’s boyfriend was devastated to hear about the breakup with his childhood sweetheart. Because she had grown up with them, the older woman believed that her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend was a member of their family.

The couple decided it was time to end their romance and broke up amicably as they grew apart with age. That didn’t stop the woman’s boyfriend’s mother from venting her frustrations on her, though.

How Was the Mother of the Woman’s Boyfriend Treating Her?

Knowing that it could take some time for his family to adjust to his dating someone else, the woman entered the relationship. Things will get better, she reasoned, as his mother needed to get to know her.

But that wasn’t the situation. During the first year of their relationship, the lady said her boyfriend’s mother would refer to her by his former name. She revealed:

Until one day, when [my lover] became enraged and told her to be polite. She shrugged it off, calling it nothing more than a habit.

Even after the woman’s boyfriend’s mother stopped referring to her by her ex-girlfriend’s name, she continued to mispronounce her name. The woman would get called Jenny instead of Janet by her, and so forth.

The woman corrected her boyfriend’s mother on the initial few occasions this occurred. She quit correcting the older woman when she called her the wrong name, though, after realizing that it appeared like she loved inflicting pain on her.

In addition to everything the woman had to go through with her boyfriend’s mother, she was also bewildered and angry when she found herself in a sticky situation during a significant holiday.

What Take Placed During Thanksgiving?

The woman was to her boyfriend’s sister’s house for a cookout a few weeks prior to Thanksgiving. She was in the kitchen with her husband, one of her boyfriend’s two sisters, and his mother.

While they stood there, the sister of the woman’s boyfriend told her brother how much his brother-in-law had enjoyed his girlfriend’s food. As the woman’s boyfriend’s mother listened, she jokingly advised her to prepare the Thanksgiving turkey. But once more, she referred to the woman incorrectly—calling her Janet rather than Jenny.

Although the woman’s boyfriend’s sisters were giggling at their mother’s idea, she said:

“What a fantastic idea!”

The woman was prepared to take decisive action to ensure that her boyfriend’s mother could no longer refer to her incorrectly. Thanksgiving a few weeks later, things reached a breaking point at her boyfriend’s mother’s place.

Everyone was taken aback when the woman and her boyfriend showed up with the customary wine and dessert and revealed that she had forgotten to bring the turkey that had been discussed weeks before Thanksgiving.

The woman claimed that because her boyfriend’s mother had mentioned the other woman’s name weeks prior when talking about the day, she assumed Janet was bringing the turkey. She acknowledged:

“There was crying and yelling, and then we were expelled.”

Following that, the woman claimed that her lover hadn’t spoken to her since that evening and that she assumed their romance would be dead. However, she asked internet users to let her know if she was wrong for what she had done.

She quickly discovered that, far from believing she was mistaken, many people hailed her as a hero for the way she had handled the matter, telling her that the mother of her boyfriend had done far worse to her than calling her by the wrong name.

While some believed she ought to have spoken with the elder woman, others contended that the woman had made numerous attempts without success and that her actions were only significant enough to cause her boyfriend’s mother to realize her mistakes.

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