Dad refuses to pay for his daughter’s wedding because she does not want him to walk her down the aisle: ‘It’s selfish.’

He was hurt and disappointed when a man’s daughter informed him she didn’t want him to lead her down the aisle on her wedding day. In response, the dad decided not to reimburse her for her wedding and reached out to people on social media in an attempt to defend his choice.

A 48-year-old father posted on Reddit about his predicament with his daughter’s wedding. When the man found out that his daughter, 19, didn’t want him to lead her down the aisle, he became enraged.

Many people were drawn to the man’s thorough Reddit explanation of his daughter’s actions, which received over 12,000 upvotes and over 6,300 comments. There was a discussion on whether the man made the correct decision.

After reading the father’s post in the AITA subreddit, some individuals criticized him, while others sympathized with him. The man revised his post to address the misunderstandings after reading the responses.

The father addressed how things stood between him and his daughter and what he did to resolve the problem at the end of his post.

Why Would the Daughter of the Man Not Allow Him to Lead Her Down the Aisle?

The man proudly said at the beginning of his post that he had brought up his daughter to be an “independent thinker.” But when she said she wanted to stop having him escort her down the aisle on her wedding day, he took offense.

The girl told her parents she intended to walk down the aisle by herself as soon as she was engaged. “She claims that her mother and I don’t ‘own’ her,” the father responds. Consequently, we are not authorized to “give her away.” When the dad found out what his daughter thought of her parents, he became unhappy and explained.

We never treated her like an object or a piece of property, therefore I’m upset by this. Rather, we’ve made every effort to give her a fantastic existence.

The man with the nickname Live_Appointment4219 carefully spoke with his daughter, attempting to explain to her why he disagreed with her choice, before posting about their disagreement on Reddit. She did not, however, second-guess her choice. She was certain that she would descend the aisle alone.

The dad decided not to reimburse her for her special day. Though he acknowledged his daughter’s decisions, he believed that she totally disregarded his and his wife’s sentiments. Live_Appointment4219 posted his story on Reddit, hesitant of his choice, and asked the community if he made the right choice. He claimed that the thing that disturbed him the most was:

“It is a slap in the face to exclude us from this day; she has had every opportunity in life thus far.”

She made a decision that he perceived as self-serving because it rejected everything her parents had given her, sacrificed, and done for her. The man added, though, that his daughter and he didn’t have a major fight that would end their relationship. He promised that he would never throw her out of his life over this matter and that he would still be present at her wedding.

Real_Time Scheduling4219 also devised a solution, which involved giving his daughter an equivalent amount of money to what he had paid for the wedding of his other daughter. That seemed reasonable to him, since she could spend the money any way she pleased if he gave it to her.

What Was the Public’s Reaction to the Man’s Choice?

Following the father’s story, many on social media shared their opinions about his choice. While some people cheered the man for choosing not to pay for his daughter’s wedding, others talked about their own experiences.

A netizen remarked, “She will regret this decision later in life.” “Parents don’t own their children, but we do guide them through different phases of growth and change,” the same person continued.

You may keep your money, she’s got her way! Another Facebook user gave advice, saying, “Let her be grown and pay her way.” She and her spouse paid for their wedding. She assured Live_Appointment4219 not to feel bad about his choice after sharing her own experience. In the meantime, another online user stated:

“My payment would be lower! Well done, Dad. stern love!

Another Facebook user stated, “My parents paid for my college, so I wanted to pay for my own wedding.” Being escorted down the aisle by my father made me feel honored and proud. It was also determined by a mother that her daughter was “taking it pretty literally.”

She talked about how she was “escorting him to his new bride,” not “giving him away,” when she walked her son down the aisle last year. In the end, the man’s Reddit post reminded others of their experiences planning wedding budgets and walking down the aisle.

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