I returned home from the bachelorette party and discovered my fiancé missing; he lied to me the next day.

The woman’s fiancé informed her that following his bachelor celebration at his friend’s house, he passed out. After feeling bad for two years, he chose to ruin her heart by telling her where he was the night of his pre-wedding celebration.

She trusted him without question when Redditor ThrowRAfmylife11’s husband claimed he was too inebriated to recall anything from his bachelor celebration. She imagined he’d partied excessively and assumed he was nervous about the wedding.

When her husband eventually disclosed the startling truth about what transpired that evening, the wife was at the height of their marriage. She hurriedly called her mother after he admitted his guilt and revealed where he had been the whole night.

The Original Poster (OP) believed her husband was too intoxicated to remember what happened the night of his bachelor party, at least not until he revealed the truth. She assumed he was telling the truth because he wasn’t a habitual drinker and decided to overlook it.

She continued, but OP was aware that her mother was lying.

However, OP’s spouse felt bad two years after that night and made the unsettling decision to confess. That evening, OP went home at three in the morning while still having a great time at her bachelorette party. She assumed her fiancé had crashed with a friend, as he had earlier informed her to expect, and contacted him frankly because he wasn’t in their room.

While she was sleeping, OP’s husband surreptitiously entered their room and pretended to have spent the night at his friend’s house and had just returned home. However, as it turned out, he had merely entered the room next door after having a private conversation with OP’s mother. His admission split OP in two. She called her mother right away, furious.

OP was aware that her mother had a history of flirting with several men, including the guys OP dated, ever after her father passed away. This was known to OP’s spouse, who would even occasionally make light of it. He did, however, reassure her that he would never find his mother-in-law appealing.

When OP remembered this, she became enraged and yelled at her mother, “Husband told me everything.” The mother of OP feigned ignorance of what she was discussing. In an attempt to defend herself, she claimed that all of it had been made up by OP’s husband. She continued, but OP was aware that her mother was lying.

She ended the call and lost her temper. After being duped by the two most significant individuals in her life, it seemed like a dream. It hurt so much, especially when OP thought back to all those family get-togethers where her mother and husband had behaved normally.

Most likely, the only choice that the OP saw was a divorce. In November 2021, she posted about her predicament on Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” section, asking strangers to suggest ways for her to break the news to her family. Nevertheless, as she read through some of the comments made by others, the situation changed.

Like most Redditors on the internet, GreatSwordOfVictory thought that OP’s mom might have “forced” her husband to engage in intimate behavior after reading her narrative. The person added that it seemed as though OP’s mother had been making advances toward OP’s spouse for some time and said:

“Your mother kept [expletive] up far, far, FAR more than your husband did, regardless of the situation.”

After reading similar remarks, OP wondered if her husband was perfect, so she questioned him about whether her mother had taken advantage of his inebriation that evening. After he confessed once again, some more horrible details eventually surfaced.

Following a prolonged silence and a sigh, OP’s spouse looked at her reproachfully. Even though it could have been simpler for him to place the responsibility on her mother and find a way out, he informed her that she deserved to know the truth.

It found out that prior to their romantic liaison on the eve of his bachelor celebration, OP’s spouse and her mother had been exchanging sensual messages for a few months. The most devastating part of his confession was when he revealed to OP that he had gone back home on purpose that evening to spend quality time with her mother.

Since he knew OP would be returning home late that evening, he misled OP into thinking he would be spending the night at his friend’s place. To make matters worse, he insisted that he knew exactly what he was doing.

The man defended himself by claiming he didn’t want to ruin his marriage and that he had only texted OP’s mother to discuss the specifics of their subsequent visits. But he did leave her a voicemail promising that “it” will never happen again and urging her not to let it slide.

Between her husband’s admission and the truth of his affair with her mother, OP was devastated. Her mother gave her the silent treatment after the truth was out, which further damaged their relationship.

Following a turbulent few days of resolving her predicament, OP moved forward with the divorce. After she ejected her husband, she imagined he had moved in with his parents. Readers who inquired further about OP’s situation even told her that she was making the correct choice.

“Make an investment in yourself. Redditor ProfessionalPilot45 said, “Please get therapy for the trauma that this terrible betrayal has inflicted on you.” In agreement, user c-emme-2506 said, “I’m truly sad for you. You’re choosing wisely here. I’m sending you a huge hug and plenty of strength!

OP speculated that her husband’s desire for more intimate partners—something he had previously told her candidly—might have been the driving force for his affair with her mother, even if she was unable to determine this for sure.

Maybe it was a sign that I wasn’t good enough for him. Had I listened…I’m definitely colorblind to red flags, so I won’t be dating for a very long time,” she said in closing.

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