DO YOU KNOW THESE THINGS? A man discovers strange tools in his grandparents’ home.

While going through his grandparents’ old stuff after their passing, a young guy recently revealed to a friend something surprising that he had found.

These metal objects may have eluded the two until they came into some information on the internet.

The metallic sticks are called nutcrackers. Most likely made in the 1940s or 1950s, this type of nutcracker was used to extract the nut from its shell.

In general, they facilitate access to the edible sections of nuts, but when it comes to eating chestnuts, they are very helpful.

Nutcrackers like this one were sometimes found in similar sets of seafood tools, which also included tools for cracking shellfish and picks for removing the flesh.

They were also usually seen with a wooden bowl that matched the nutcrackers and was shaped like a chestnut.

The same household equipment that many of us had with our grandparents also brings back lovely memories!

Have you ever possessed any such picks or nutcrackers? Write your best memories of them in the comments section.

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