Every day, she hears loud noises coming from the garage, and when her husband’s secret is disclosed, she bursts into tears.

Brad Soden has experienced a variety of life experiences. In addition to fighting in the first Iraq War, the former American soldier later worked as a firefighter, saving countless lives.

Brad and his wife, Liz, and their three children live in Phoenix, Arizona. Brad relished the dream for a while.

But everything changed on August 15, 1999, the day of the disaster.

Brad and Liz were travelling with their children on their truck. Liz was driving when the left front tyre blew out. After she lost control of the vehicle, it went off the road. Fortunately, the couple’s three boys only received minor bruising.

Brad’s injuries were a little more serious; he broke his leg. Liz, on the other hand, was in a terrible situation: she cracked her back and was rendered paralyzed from the waist down. Liz awoke after being transferred to the hospital for surgery and was given her diagnosis by her doctors.

Liz thought her life had come to an end. Brad, her lover at the time, she thought would dump her for a “normal woman.”What was Brad’s reaction? He got down on one knee and proposed to her at the hospital.

Liz, of course, said “yes,” and they were married soon after. Liz’s entire family supported her on her difficult road to recovery.

Despite her strength, Liz found it difficult to adjust to her new existence in a wheelchair. Especially because hiking had been one of the family’s favourite pleasures.

Liz attempted to follow following after the accident, but she quickly realised that her wheelchair wouldn’t be able to traverse the rugged terrain she enjoys walking on.

Liz was ordered to stay behind on the flat road as the family went moose hunting.

She begged her folks to let her go while crying. That sight devastated Brad’s heart, and he determined never to let it happen again.

Brad worked in the army as a maintenance technician, where he was in charge of repairing and cleaning tanks.

Because of his job, he was inspired to design a one-of-a-kind wheelchair for Liz, one that could ride off-road and join the family everywhere they went.

It was, however, easier said than done. Brad had been working constantly in the garage for days.

On some days, he didn’t leave the house at all, while on others, he became impatient. Liz, the neighbours, and the noise from the garage had become accustomed to it.

Brad’s task was to design a silent electric engine that could be used in campgrounds and in the woods. Brad had finally found the answer after many hours of searching.

He summoned Liz to the garage and surprised her with a unique wheelchair with tank treads!

Brad’s creation drew a lot of attention. The all-terrain wheelchair impressed the leaders of the high-tech company NPC Robotics, among others. The company assisted Brad by creating a prototype based on his design.

Liz’s new wheelchair is fast, quiet, and built for off-road travel, thanks to advances in technology.

When the family goes on a walk, Brad and the kids find it difficult to keep up with Liz.

What an amazing design! Brad has not only shown his profound love for Liz but also his creativity and perseverance.

What a wonderful example of how to assist your loved ones! When a member of your family falls, assist them in getting back up!

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