Father posts a funny review of his daughter’s new toy kitchen.

The majority of us check reviews first before making any kind of online purchase. Reading about other people’s experiences with a product may frequently help us decide if it’s worth purchasing or not.

Chris Kyle is one person who is well aware of the influence that reviews may have. He wants to see others thrive because he understands what it’s like to run a small business.

Chris’s ability to spend most of his time at home is one advantage of running his own company. This enables him to spend more time with his daughter Ava and to witness her development firsthand.

In addition, he helps Ava run her little company. It all began when his wife gave her a toy kitchen that she opened up in her living room after buying it for her.

Chris stated: “I was apprehensive about shelling out a few hundred dollars for it when my wife made the purchase. It has been well worth the money. When Ava is ready to play, she is the most beautiful person in her tiny universe.

He went to his daughter’s restaurant in the living room, had dinner, and then uploaded his review on Instagram. It fulfilled all of your expectations and more.

He tweeted, “So for lunch today, I tried to support another Black Owned Business.” “Ava’s Kitchen recently opened at the end of April. Although the place is immaculate, allow me to tell you about the owner.

“To begin with, I questioned why balloons were on my chair when it wasn’t my birthday. She said, “Mind your own business.” those are Mommy’s.

Chris was also concerned about the service at Avis Kitchen. He added, “I’ve been waiting for my order to be completed for 45 minutes, and I’m the only client here. She was making fantastic progress at initially, but then she paused for 20 minutes to watch Paw Patrol. Overall, the customer service should be improved, but the cook is adorable, so I will give her another opportunity.”

He concluded by adding that times are difficult, and he is pleased to see that the article has brought some joy into the lives of individuals all across the world.

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