I Caught My Wife Cheating on Me with My Father – Now They’re Expecting Twins

A funeral director alleges his wife cheated on him with his father and fled after he caught them red-handed.

Declan Fuller, a 22-year-old funeral worker from Rhondda in South Wales, witnessed his wife, Stephanie, having sex with his 44-year-old father, Darren, and stated that they frequently spent time together in his room.

Declan confronted Stephanie and asked what had happened after seeing them on a baby monitor; she said, “We were watching The Simpsons on TV.”

“It’s like an EastEnders plot.” Declan told The Sun, “This is not normal.” “If I hadn’t had a sensible head on my shoulders, he’d be six feet under right now.”

Stephanie, on the other hand, maintained that she did not cheat on Declan, telling the source, “I did not cheat on Declan.” We met around a week after he left me.”

Darren and Stephanie are expecting twins and live six miles away from Declan in Pontypridd.

Declan became suspicious when his divorced father moved in with them and his 2-year-old daughter, Willow, and Stephanie in September.

He stated that he was at work when he witnessed the two cheating on him on the baby monitor and that he focused on his father’s bedroom door and watched his wife and Darren enter together.

“It’s sick — how could my father have done that to me?” he exclaimed. “I feel betrayed, but I’m better off without the two of them,” she says.

He refused to believe Stephanie’s ludicrous story that she dumped him while watching TV with him in his room. She told him she was pregnant with his father’s twins a few days later.

Declan’s half-brother or sister, and Willow’s brother or sister; they will also be her aunt and uncle. Declan’s father, Darren, who has declined to comment, will be Willow’s grandfather and stepfather if he marries Stephanie.

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