I have never seen anything like this in my life!

Emma James found a hole in the ground while using a lawnmower to cut the grass in front of the house. The pit expanded during the day, eventually reaching a depth of two meters. The fact that there were some rusted STEPS inside made it even stranger!

Authorities believe the tunnel these residents found in their yard leads to a canal that was filled 35 years ago, even though the pit is now too small for a man to slip inside.

When the two got in touch with the 1984 house builder, they were told that the tunnel did not lead to the location of the house. Emma states as follows: “It is somewhat peculiar that there are stairs that descend, but we are not of what they lead to, and there isn’t a covering over them. Rusted metal and cement are what’s under there. We simply need someone to identify the problem for us; we don’t want to leave such a pit in our yard.

The two wives aren’t sure until someone comes in to check, even after the local council ultimately confirmed to them that the tunnel connects to a drain that has been covered in rum for 30 years. Nobody is sending anyone to actually investigate what’s going on with her, despite all of the guarantees from the government.

The spouses are hoping that someone will fall there or that another pit won’t form. They had to put up signs to prevent people from falling there before they discovered what was wrong with it, even though they just did not want to cover it.

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