Man storms church after priest says, ‘Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace’ and yells, ‘Stop It!’

As Noah and Alice get ready for their impending nuptials, Noah begins to have doubts about Alice’s recent extravagant purchases—items that are beyond their means. Later, their wedding is interrupted by an enigmatic stranger. What does he desire, and who is he?

Alice and I were going to be married after three years of dating. We simply wanted the day to be the climax of our love story, a day where we’d stand before our family and friends, and we didn’t care at first about having a large wedding.

Even still, even if everything was going according to plan, I was feeling uneasy. This anxiety was all because to the recent changes I’d noticed in Alice rather than the weather.

Over breakfast one morning, Alice enthused, “I just can’t wait for our big day.” “I have some surprises in store, but nothing official just yet.”

Alice always tried to make things unique in her own way, so even though I had no idea what she was talking about, I reasoned that it would be worthwhile.

However, Alice purchased several pricey accessories in the weeks preceding our wedding, including a branded purse, high-end shoes, and a massive set of diamond earrings. Everything appeared unattainable for us.

We had always been realistic about our financial situation and aware of our constraints. I therefore couldn’t help but wonder how Alice could afford these high-end products when I saw them.

I questioned her about it since I didn’t want to start a new life with Alice in the dark.

“Do you really think we can afford this?” With a subtle accusation, I held up the shopping bag and asked.

Alice had left her phone on quiet and was gone for the most of the day. I had no idea where she had disappeared to, and my thoughts were racing. For a split second, I thought Alice was seeing someone else, someone who had overspent on opulent things.

“Noah, I got a bonus at work,” she remarked. “All I want is to look flawless during our wedding. For this one day in my life, I want to give everything I have.

Alice gave me a comforting, gentle grin.

I gave her credit. Naturally, I did.

Her explanation calmed me down and silenced the annoying voice in my thoughts for a while. And for that, I was thankful, for I could not willingly marry Alice while harboring such dangerous ideas.

Alice was beaming and the epitome of happiness as the ceremony got underway, but every now and then her gaze would wander to the door of the hall.

As the priest talked about love and commitment both inside and outside of marriage, we stood there listening to him. As he spoke, Alice’s hand, which was inside mine, began to perspire more.

All the while, her eyes were fixed on the entryway.

“Are you alright?” I whispered in her ear. “What’s off?”

Alice gave the priest a small shake of her head and grinned ahead.

As we exchanged vows, Alice’s eyes continued to dart toward the door.

Who was she expecting to arrive? I pondered.

Again, the sound of the priest’s voice reverberated throughout the space, calling for any opposition to our union.

“Speak now if you have any objections, or keep quiet forever.”

There was silence, and it made me grin.

However, it was destroyed in an instant by the dramatic entrance of a man, whose presence made Alice’s face glow in a way that I hadn’t noticed during the entire ceremony.

My body seized, every muscle in it.

“Cease it!” The man let out a boom. “Cease the ceremony!”

With a gasp, Alice pressed her hands to her chest.

“I really apologize for interfering with the ceremony! Father, I know I’m late,” he murmured. But just allow me to lead my little girl down the aisle, please. I’ve let her down on every promise I’ve made, but not this one.

Our visitors muttered, clearly shocked. Alice’s mother stood up, her hands firmly gripping Alice’s bouquet.

“Is that Alice?” I started, but as I realized how serious the issue was, my voice trailed off.

Naturally. Alice possessed the man’s chin and eyes. It was evident.

“Yeah,” she muttered. “That’s my father.”

Her father, a man who had been less often than not in her life, had decided to keep his word and support his daughter in her hour of greatest need.

“Should I continue?” the priest inquired.

“No, let’s go for a walk once more,” I grinned.

I had a new perspective on Alice when her father took her by the arm and led her toward me. At last, she appeared like the bride who had been waiting for this moment.

She smiled.

We restarted the ceremony. Alice wept through my vows and laughed through hers this time.

Her father then gave me a strong hug.

“I’m grateful,” he said. “I appreciate you taking care of my girl.”

Alice told me everything later, as we were being driven to the airport for our honeymoon in our rental car.

It transpired that many weeks prior to the nuptials, Alice had contacted her father. Despite their intermittent communication over the years, she only wanted him to accompany her down the aisle at our wedding.

She said, “My dad bought me the handbag.” “However, the earrings and shoes came from my bonus.”

Although I’m not sure if my father-in-law will remain in our lives, I do know that I’m appreciative that he escorted Alice down the aisle.

When we were toasting with champagne later, she remarked, “Maybe he’ll stick around.”

Perhaps he will.

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