Mia Khalifa Says She’s Open to Getting in a Relationship With a Woman

The former adult star revealed what she is looking for in a new intimate companion and stated that ‘gender’ is not a problem for her.

Sarah Joe Chamoun, a Lebanese-American media personality, spoke on The Diary of A CEO podcast about her stint in the p**n industry and how her ex-husband encouraged her to do it for his strange and twisted fetish.

Mia, 30, also claimed that her ex treated her like a “toy,” using and manipulating her into doing something she didn’t want to do.

“I didn’t have a sense of self so I attached myself to someone who was more than happy to abuse that and someone who could see that and see someone as easily manipulatable …but at the same time eager to please. It was just the perfect storm,” she told Steven Bartlett.

“It was an extremely unhealthy relationship – and I even feel weird calling it a relationship, because the dynamic was not one of a relationship. It was more one of someone who saw a toy to play with.”

She also said that her ex was an abusive person who used to work in the US Army when she was 20 years old, young, and naive, and was emotionally pushed into joining the porn industry by her toxic ex.

“He put that whole world in front of me and encouraged it. The consensus was, ‘You should do it, I think that would be great,’” she said.

When asked what her husband got out of her work as a p**n artist, she said, “Fetishisation.”

Khalifa filed for divorce from her ex-husband in 2014. In 2016, their divorce was finalized.

Speaking about finding a new partner and giving love a “second chance,” the influencer stated that she is open to new relationships and that “gender” is not a criterion she will consider when picking a partner.

She did admit to ‘not trying’ much because she had a lot on her plate right now.

“I’m not trying. I’ve been a serial monogamist for a while. I got out of a longish term relationship, it’s difficult but I also haven’t tried. I don’t know what I’m expecting, I haven’t gone into the dating world in probably six years, I’ve been in long-term relationships,” she told the podcaster.

When Bartlett asked Mia what she wanted in a new companion, she said,

“Emotional intelligence, and a good relationship with their therapist and with therapy in general, who’s constantly working on themselves, is self-aware, and understands the ebbs and flows of life and emotions, and how it’s not always going to be even-keeled how it will oscillate.”

She added, “But that doesn’t mean go from good to toxic; it means to go from good to needing a little more support than you normally have.”

When Steven noted that guys aren’t always the best at emotional intelligence, Mia said, “I’m not ruling out women.”

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