‘An Old Woman Told Me to Leave the Beach Because She’s Wrinkly and I’m Hot,’ she explained.

A young OnlyFans model who enjoys visiting various beaches said that an old woman requested her to leave the beach because her bikini was too skimpy.’

Annie Knight, a digital developer and social media influencer, travels to several beaches and poses in her swimsuits on a daily basis. However, on one of her recent beach outings, she was approached by a woman who was offended by her small bikini and angrily requested Annie to leave the beach.

The influencer, who claims to be among the top 0.4 percent of adult content platform accounts, stated that the older woman was wrinkly and that she was simply jealous of her attractive figure.

“I just had a woman come up to me at the beach and tell me I had to leave because my bikini is too small,” said Knight. “It is a micro bikini, but who cares, I’m hot.”

“She was so so rude to me, she was the definition of a Karen,” Annie explained in her TikTok video. “She was obviously just jealous of me because I’m young a hot and she’s old and wrinkly.”

She added, “Honestly if you feel uncomfortable just move away. I made it my mission to stay there longer than her. F*** you,  you’re not the council, let me f***ing live.”

The OnlyFans model, who formerly worked as a marketing manager, created her account in September 2020 in order to save money for a new home. She was fired, however, after a colleague reported her account to her administration.

According to Daily Mail, “Within a month, Annabelle made thousands and continued to use it for the next 18 months as a side project to her full-time job, averaging $ 1,794 a month. She now makes around $969 a day sharing saucy photos of herself online.”

Annie previously told Jam Press that she had no regrets about her firm firing her because she was making far more money from her OnlyFans account than she could from her marketing job.

“I am pleased to [have been fired] to an extent, I’m a lot happier now and have a lot more freedom. I’m earning a considerable amount more now than I was at the other job,” she said.

Knight, from the Gold Coast, has almost 59K TikTok followers and approximately 15K Instagram followers.

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