Millionaire’s Wife Shares How Much She Spends Per Day

Linda Andrade, a 23-year-old Dubai resident who describes herself as a “millionaire’s wife,” recently provided details about her opulent lifestyle, stating that she spends $16,540 a day on shopping and personal care.

Linda, who flaunts the benefits of being married to a wealthy guy, listed her expenses, which included $120 for caviar sushi, $7,000 for Chanel purses, $80 for lattes, $400 for detox massages, $500 for princess manicures, and $420 for a personalized perfume refill. With over half a million followers on TikTok, she gave glimpses of her life and ascribed her opulent lifestyle on her husband’s fortune.

Reactions to Linda’s expenditure were mixed; some expressed shock and outrage, drawing attention to the sharp contrast with less extravagant conditions.

Others supported her decisions, highlighting her entitlement to take use of the advantages her married status offered. Talks on privilege, financial wellbeing, and the arbitrary nature of happiness were spurred by the discussion. Although Linda’s lifestyle is luxurious, it also calls into question how society views personal contentment and money.

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