Mom tries to disrupt her son’s wedding, wearing a long white tulle gown to the ceremony.

Family ties are complex and can lead to disputes and difficult-to-mending relationships at times.

Allowing her mother-in-law to wear a white gown to her wedding was a mistake that the soon-to-be bride made without thinking it would cause conflict with her future husband.

The woman wrote on Reddit that she was Indian and that their wedding will be typical Indian, meaning she would be wearing a traditional red dress. In response, her mother-in-law asked if she could wear white, and she replied, “Yes.”

But her fiance became furious when she told him about it. He remarked that she ought to have asked him first and that she shouldn’t have agreed that his mother should wear a white dress. He thought that his mother, an intense narcissist who desired attention, was to blame.

He then instructed OP to phone his mother and inform her that she would not be allowed to attend the wedding if she didn’t wear white.

Since her outfit would be made of a unique kind of silk and embroidery that would set it apart from whatever her MIL would choose to wear, OP was unable to comprehend the problem.

“He clarified that he had told his mother up front that she was not permitted to do this after she had earlier ‘joked’ that she would wear white. (Apparently, mom had a tendency to grab his attention during his upbringing, which left some trauma; he didn’t want to worry me out.) In other words, when I informed MIL she may wear white, he was furious that I had granted permission when he had flatly refused. However, he acknowledged that it was inappropriate of him to become so agitated because he hadn’t provided me any background information, the OP added.

After she showed him all the remarks posted under her Reddit post, OP and her fiancé eventually reconciled, saying that the day was about them and that his mom’s choice of attire shouldn’t cause them to argue.

He was able to grasp that MIL wouldn’t stand out in a good manner even if she wore white, and he thought it was a great idea that you guys would just keep MIL in the dark about my decision to wear black. OP wrote, “So we’ll probably offer to buy her a sari…but we just won’t stop her if she insists on wearing a white dress.”

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