I can’t stop crying after hearing my spouse talk about me to his relatives.

In several nations, arranged marriages are a regular practice. Despite negative perceptions, the majority of these relationships are happy and successful.

A woman shared a heartwarming story on Reddit, touching the emotions of many people.

She began by stating that she had barely had two months to date her future spouse before they were married and that their marriage had been planned.

Their bond was like something out of a fairy tale. She eventually became pregnant, and they welcomed a daughter into their family.
Her spouse made the decision to step away from his father’s business for a period of three years in order to help her during her pregnancy and the first few months of parenthood.

OP recalled, “He would always make me a bath, cook, clean, and always sit me down just to talk about how I feel,” underscoring the concern and encouragement that characterized their bond.

She thought she was living in a dream because of how devoted and kind her spouse was.

Along with her spouse, she had support from both of their families—her parents as well as a large number of aunts and uncles—during her pregnancy and after giving birth. It was a close-knit group of people who supported and loved one another no matter what.

OP once overheard her husband discussing her with his parents during a family get-together at her in-laws, and it was the perfect moment to sum up their relationship.

He said that having her in his life was the epitome of happiness. OP was overcome with emotion as a result of his kind, loving, and affectionate remarks, which left tears streaming down her cheeks. He went on to tell his parents that he couldn’t fathom a day without his wife and daughter and that seeing them when he woke up each day served as a reminder of the life they had created together. Then he expressed his gratitude to them for trying to set up his marriage to her.

OP thought she was the luckiest woman alive. She revealed that she made the decision to provide her hubby a surprise date night.

OP stated, “I will be telling him how much he means to me and tell him I love him,” indicating that she would be honest with him about her thoughts.

Redditors took their time to respond to her post. One person said, “It’s a good thing that Reddit stories have a 50/50 chance of being good or bad based on the headline. Thankfully, the story turned out to be good.” Thank you for sharing; living with someone who is so devoted to his family must be pleasant.

“I am happily surprised, but I expected the worst,” wrote another. It’s quite adorable and charming. Never be scared to send him a heartfelt message expressing your gratitude and happiness for him and your life together. Leave it somewhere he will see and be able to keep it hidden for himself.

What a lovely tale of affection, comprehension, and gratitude shared by all parties.

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