My eldest son is quite different from my other two children, so I performed a DNA test on him.

A dad decided to have his child’s DNA tested after he and his friend joked about it for years. Though he thought it would all be insignificant, the truth scared him.

The 34-year-old dad was already beginning to question whether one of his children was his. To allay his fears, he recently decided to get the child’s DNA tested without informing his wife.

Redditor Imdyinginside-used the forum to discuss his feelings and thoughts, disclose his results, and solicit opinions on what to do next in a lengthy post.

Since they were 20 years old, the Original Poster (OP) and his wife had been together. Despite its imperfections, he claimed he had always thought their connection was wonderful.

Like any normal couple, they occasionally argued and had fights, but they always managed to work things out. Eventually, they had three kids: a girl, two boys, and a boy.

The mother of the youngster claimed that her six-year-old son is antisocial and unlike any of the other kids. In addition, he enjoys causing trouble and is constantly breaking stuff.

These characteristics caused OP to become a little suspicious, but he ignored the feelings until one of his pals cracked a joke about “the milkman.” At first, he laughed it off.

But for some reason, he was unable to get rid of the feeling, and in the end, he decided to have his son’s DNA examined. His wife’s lack of trust bothered him, and he felt horrible about it.

To avoid feeling singled out, he chose to test all of his children because he felt worse about subjecting just one of them. The boy he had thought was not his child turned out to be, in the end, his own.

OP was unprepared for a plot twist, which was unfortunate. He now thinks his wife may have known but chose not to notify him after discovering that his daughter’s DNA results did not match his. OP was shocked and devastated by the surprising news, remembering the days before her birth.

When OP realized that the lovely baby girl he had assumed to be his firstborn wasn’t, it broke his heart. He remembered staying to take care of his wife during her pregnancy. He would chat to a fetus he believed he had helped produce and kiss her tummy.

The thought that OP’s wife might have known the child wasn’t his, but she still allowed him to adore and bond with his daughter, broke his heart. He maintained that his spouse easily made fun of him and saw him do many embarrassing things for a kid who wasn’t his.

The OP now feels foolish and finds his wife’s thoughts repulsive. He continued by saying that he has avoided confronting his wife because he is afraid of what might happen. He knows deep down that his marriage to his wife will end if he brings up the subject.

Other people have urged him not to take harsh measures because the outcomes could not be correct given his situation. Pejmany, one user, thinks that paternity testing for boys and girls is done differently. The user went on to clarify their position and advised the original poster to retest his daughter just in case. The person stated:

“Just get this retest done before you do anything else. Also, get your wife’s DNA tested with your daughter (maternity test). She might not have shared DNA with either of you because she was switched at birth.

Before making a choice, others suggested he consider his choices and consult with a divorce attorney. Some made light of the possibility that he was a chimera made of two sets of DNA.

Michael Lemke, a Quora member, posted a comparable narrative. She disclosed that her 3-year-old daughter wasn’t his after he and his wife got divorced.

She insisted on having blood tests done when he refused to believe her. He urged the judge to authorize the tests because he didn’t want to lose contact with the child and because no one else was denying his paternity.

He eventually gained custody of both kids because the judge recognized that he had raised the girl with his biological son as though she was his. Right now, they share a home with his grandchildren and him.

After learning that his final son wasn’t his, another Quora member recounted their experience anonymously. It found out that his business partner and best buddy was the parent of his son.

He told his friend about the boy’s existence after divorcing his wife, urged the friend to keep the boy to himself, and eventually raised the boy as his own.

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