In modern culture, many items are classified as belonging to boys or girls. While most guys are expected to be handy with tools and participate in sports, women are constantly expected to know how to cook, do laundry, and clean the house.

People find it weird and hilarious when boys or men do occupations that are traditionally associated with women.

Nicole Boulogne, a mother from Michigan, received criticism after posting images of her 7-year-old child doing the dishes and cleaning the house. Many questioned her parenting, stating that guys should not help around the house or perform other activities because they are traditionally performed by women.

Nicole, a single mother of two, strives to instill in her children the value of independence. Although she takes care of everything around the house, she feels that training her children to do things for themselves would benefit them in the long term.

Her eldest child can perform some basic housekeeping, yard work, and cooking. She hopes to teach her second kid, who is still a toddler, how to do the same when she grows up.

When asked why she trained her child to act this way, she provided an adequate response.

“I educate my child on how to cook and clean the house. Why? Since only women do chores. Because one day, he may be a single man living alone who can wash his laundry and does not rely on delivery every night. Because he might wish to wow a significant other someday with a supper they prepared together. Because he will ultimately need to help around the house after he has children and is married. Considering that I’ll be handing down a generation of people who complain that their education didn’t teach them how to do laundry, cook, tie their ties, or pay taxes.”

You can teach your kids important lessons while letting them be children. “It is my responsibility to teach these skills to my kid and educate him to contribute to society both within and beyond the home,” the parent said. Cooking and housework are never too “manly” for my child. He will be the type of man who can change a tire and then check on his pot roast. Who has time to do their laundry and mow the lawn simultaneously? Recall, guardians: When he was younger, a man who believed he shouldn’t have to prepare meals or clean up after himself wasn’t taught any better.

Her mother’s side is the more scientific one. Studies show that children who help out around the house later in life develop their ability to take charge, make wise decisions, and reach lofty goals.

Nicole, congratulations. We think you’re an amazing mother.

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