The parents have strong feelings about their daughter staying up late to read.

No matter the cost, as parents, we want to provide our kids with the finest upbringing possible. It’s a dream come true to watch them flourish and develop into well-respected people.

Nonetheless, most kids are challenging to manage while they’re young. They act out, have tantrums, and seldom ever agree with their parents.

On the other side, parents make a concerted effort to build close relationships and get along with their kids, yet despite their best efforts, they occasionally face criticism for their parenting approach.

The McNees are a lovely family with a girl who is eight years old and a huge reader.

Naturally, they are thrilled that their daughter enjoys reading so much, but they also add to the excitement of the reading experience since their kid feels like a little rebel when she reads beyond her terrible times.

To read Harry Potter novels, the girl hides under the covers with her flashlight.

She stays up late and reads as a kind of “rebellion,” but her parents are very understanding and even make sure her flashlights are always fully charged.

Many advised that the McNees get their daughter a flashlight after they shared this endearing anecdote. The parents clarified that while they had purchased one for her, she still favored her flashlights.

We can all recall reading beneath the covers as kids, isn’t that right?

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