Among other social media sites, Facebook was the first venue for creating incredibly amiable community groups. Some of them are related to extremely common but helpful subjects, such as cleaning and housekeeping groups! These clubs aren’t only for advice and support, though. Occasionally, there are messages that leave the group frantically searching for solutions while also raising questions about the original poster’s wellbeing. Kelli Tarin shared an odd picture of an enigmatic pile in the group “Homemaking Tips.”

The original post was published on August 10th, which is not too long ago. Tarin posted a picture in the post. A fine, dirt-like muck is piled up on the floor in the picture. Tarin finds two mystery mounds that she cleans every day, and she begs if anybody can assist her figure out what it is. Both heaps were concerningly found in her daughter’s room, so it’s critical that she determines whether or not there is cause for concern. She also says that because they moved into this leased property, things happened really rapidly. In terms of nature, Tarin says they have the texture and appearance of anthills or coffee grinds, yet feel like shells.

The Enigmatic Pile Gets Even More Enigmatic

After the homeowner asked the internet community for assistance, word of the strange pile quickly spread. In addition to over 440,000 responses, the post received over 9000 comments. But despite all of this attention, nobody was able to determine for sure just what the mystery mounds were! Still, there were recommendations and plenty of them. This is the picture:

Image Credits: Facebook

Some people thought it was actually an ant colony, and this colony was especially difficult to deal with since it was so tenacious. Some others thought it was mouse crap. Regarding feces, many people thought termites were the true cause. After considering all of these recommendations, Tarin made the decision to seek assistance from the experts. But their conclusion just made things more enigmatic. After she had contacted two pest control agencies, they both claimed to have never seen anything like the enigmatic mounds!

In later posts, Tarin said that she made sure their daughter slept with her father while the case was being investigated. Termites do not leave behind droppings that are this crunchy or “seed-like,” therefore it is not them. In addition to thoroughly spraying the whole house, she never observed any live roaches, therefore she was able to eradicate them. She had only ever seen a few dead ones at most. She adds that since she grew up on a farm, she is familiar with the appearance of mouse droppings, which these are not. Bats was the last name proposed, but given that she lives in West Texas, that seems improbable.

The Enigma Is Eventually Answered

She also stated twice that it is only in her daughter’s room and that she cleans the entire house every day. In fact, according to her, it may form in as little as two days. She states that the landlords have been contacted to inspect them in the last update prior to the resolution. In any case, Tarin expressed gratitude to the group for their response. Even if they were unable to respond fully, they undoubtedly contributed to her ability to remain cheerful under a distressing situation.

Image Credits: Facebook

Ultimately, the answer is wildly inappropriate. It appeared from one comment that one of their children’s lavender bears had ruptured. Things like these were inside at that moment. This reminded Tarin that there was a purple blush bear among the toys in the pile that was above the unexplained pile. She had thrown it out thinking it was contaminated. She went back to look for it and discovered that it did have a hole in it. Upon opening it, Tarin was surprised to see that it contained the items in the enigmatic pile! Everything works out in the end, we think.

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