A man discovers that his daughter is not his during a DNA test, but his wife has never cheated on him.

A 29-year-old lady asked a novel question about a dilemma she was having on Reddit. The woman began by saying that she had been married to her husband since college and that she cherished him before talking about what had transpired.

Everything was going well until the 31-year-old man did a paternity test; she and him had a 5-year-old kid. Once the test results came back negative, he behaved differently toward his wife and children.

The woman had never strayed from her husband, so she was just as astonished by the test results as he was. Why the findings indicated that the girl was not his daughter baffled her.

“Our daughter has no other possible father. We were already married and in the process of trying for a child. The lady said in her Reddit post that she had slept with two guys before dating her husband, adding, “I never cheated, I never would cheat.”

The Redditor claimed that when her spouse viewed the findings, he seemed aloof. He stopped talking to her as much and began spending more time at work. Additionally, he informed her that he felt suspicious since his daughter had brown eyes while the couple’s eyes were blue, which is why he had taken the test.

The man eventually became calm and consented to talk about his wife’s request to leave the house. The pair agreed to do some tests to make sure everything was fine after talking for a while. They had no idea that doing so would reveal yet another startling reality.

What Followed the Woman’s Test-Taking?

Following several conversations, the woman persuaded her husband that she would submit to a few tests to establish her innocence. At this point, the guy threatened to lose his cool if the results showed that she had cheated, but he would not throw her out of the house.

The woman, her husband, and her daughter had a blood paternity test as one of the planned procedures, which revealed a fresh piece of information to them. The findings demonstrated that they were not the biological parents of their daughter. The mother said, “The truth about their daughter had completely upended their world.”

“We’re suing the hospital where I gave birth, and I’m not sure how this happened, but a police officer came to our house and took our statements.”

The woman’s thoughts of her biological daughter filled her with fear. Worried about where she might end up, she was most afraid of what would happen after she discovered her biological daughter.

The mother was a cautious mother who didn’t want her 5-year-old to know that she wasn’t their kid as it would damage her early years. In addition, if the girl told her friends and the school, everyone would start chatting about her. “I don’t know what I ever did to deserve this,” the woman murmured.

After learning the truth, what did the couple decide to do?

The woman updated folks on the situation with another Reddit post a few weeks later. She stated that her tale had received a lot of attention after being reposted by several YouTubers before providing the update.

“Our biological daughter has been located. The woman disclosed in her article that she was in foster care. She revealed that when her kid was taken from the hospital by a family, the police removed her because they discovered she wasn’t their biological daughter. The girl has been in foster care ever since. The mom expressed her regret for the family but expressed relief that her daughter was unharmed. The couple filed a lawsuit against the hospital for malpractice and registered for adoption right after. The woman disclosed that she received a settlement of almost $2 million.

The mom said, “We told our daughter that we still love her very much and that her sister is going to come stay with us.”

The woman said. She intended to move to a new place with her husband and their two girls to start over.

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