A woman of two unintentionally sparked a furious family dispute by unearthing long-kept secrets within her own home.

After discovering an incredible discovery, she secretly put on a recording device and banned her mother-in-law from ever visiting her kids again.

But the husband’s loyalty to his mother and wife kept shifting, which made the family’s dispute worse.

on March 23, 2021, a female contributor who wishes to remain anonymous posted her experience in the “AITA” subreddit. The woman had been married for five years, and her mother-in-law had always lived with them.

Because of their living arrangement, the mother-in-law felt that the lady had taken her son, which caused a great deal of stress in the home.

The mother-in-law had no boundaries; whenever she felt like it, she would interject herself into every aspect of their life and use her husband as leverage. The woman had two children: her first boy was two years old, and her daughter was just six months old.

Her mother-in-law would always receive a grin from her daughter, but she never received one in return. Instead, the elder woman gave her a quiet, smoldering look of hatred.

Why Did the Woman Install a Camera in Her Home?

The mother worked from home while finding a part-time job, leaving the children with her husband. After a while, she noticed a sudden change in her daughter’s behavior. She wouldn’t eat herself, not even when the child was falling apart.

Recognizing that her spouse would likely disregard her observations and be wary of her mother-in-law’s influence, the woman decided to secretly record their daily lives.

During a chat, she once overheard her mother-in-law berating her husband for hours on end.

Subsequently, she overheard her mother-in-law angrily assaulting her kids, calling them “little pigs” and using foul language. The woman’s daughter was told she was despised and her sobbing was made fun of, while her small boy was dubbed a monkey and a pig. The wife of her MIL claimed, “She [spent] about 6 hours talking to my babies like that and verbally [abusing] them.”

What Was the Wife’s Reaction?

When her spouse heard the audio proof, he was first upset with her for recording their talks. My husband first informed me that I was out of character and that I was going too far to have a [recorder] in the house when I told him what had transpired and made him listen to the audio.

The woman’s husband then downplayed the situation, insisting that it was his mother and not the children who caused the problem. He defended his mother and explained her behavior. Despite his statement, the woman decided that she would no longer allow her mother-in-law to interact with her children unsupervised.

“[My spouse] informed me that although I may be upset with his mother, the children do not hold a grudge against her. It is my fault, not theirs, and it is trivial of me to deny her access to the children once more,” the lady said. He said, “I have to let go because the kids need to have a relationship with their mom, who is still their grandmother, and I have to do the right thing.”

Two weeks after the event, the woman’s mother-in-law returned from her own country. That was half a year ago, and she was supposed to be back soon. Ultimately, her husband decided to get his mom a another residence. Despite having to listen to terrible comments spoken to her children, the woman’s strong hatred persisted.

As a result, she decided to prevent the kids from visiting their grandma, aligning her actions with her determination to keep them away from her. The mother of two was also thinking about whether or not it was a mistake to keep her mother-in-law away from her children.

In a quick post to her original Reddit account, the woman thanked everyone for their support and remarks. Although she was periodically tempted to second-guess herself, she never wavered in her choice despite her husband’s dishonest behavior. She was unwavering in her will and self-assurance, willing to pay any price to protect her children.

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