Kids normally love bath time, and the more toys, the better. Eden Strong, a mother from Illinois, is warning parents, nevertheless, about an innocuous bath toy that might seriously affect their son’s vision.

Eden noticed her 2-year-old son Baylor’s eye getting inflamed after a normal bath. When his eye grew worse after the bath, she immediately understood it was more severe than just exposure to water.

Baylor had developed cellulitis, a bacterial skin infection that might be rather serious. His eye changed from pink to inflamed in about 12 hours, which caused him much anguish. Eden detailed the concerning state of affairs in her widely shared Facebook post: “He was running a raging fever and his eye was protruding from his face, obscured.” I sobbed the whole way to a bigger hospital, hoping he wouldn’t pass out.

Baylor fought a valiant struggle against acute cellulitis over the next week, which expanded to his whole face and damaged both of his eyes. To the relief of the family, Baylor’s eyes gradually recovered despite the warnings about possible vision loss.

The squirting bath toy was found to be the cause of this horrific event. Eden subsequently learned that the way these toys are made can collect water and encourage uncontrollably high levels of bacterial development.

Eden urged parents to be aware of the hazards involved with bath toys like these by boldly posting graphic photographs of her son’s injuries on Facebook. 192,000 people shared the post, and many parents shared their own comparable stories, demonstrating the message’s broad appeal.

Eden was proactive and threw out all of Baylor’s squeezable toys, expressing her wish that toy makers would take this into account while producing toys. Eden underlined that although their price, simplicity, and attractiveness may be appealing, the possible hazards much exceed these aspects.

The terrifying experience of this family should serve as a clear lesson to parents to use bath toys with caution and to be aware of any hidden hazards. Eden’s admonition highlights the significance of putting safety first when it comes to kids’ playthings, as do the personal accounts of other parents.

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