My daughter stopped talking when my MIL started babysitting her, and my wife and I discovered her drawing that exposed MIL.

Emily and Lucas are confused when Catherine, his mother-in-law, reappears after a ten-year absence. But Emily wants to take advantage of this opportunity to let her mother meet their daughter Allison. However, when the couple discovers that Catherine is causing more harm than good, things rapidly get worse.

I was aware that Emily’s family would disown her if I married her. They weren’t expecting me to be. I didn’t have a large bank account or come from a well-known family.

Emily answered, “Lucas, I don’t care.” “They always believe they are right, but they are wrong this time.”

Emily’s parents disappeared from her life after our wedding, only to reappear sometimes to text her a happy birthday or to send her a Christmas card that had several pictures of themselves.

Since they were Emily’s parents after all, I’ve often wondered if that affected her.

When I asked her about it one day, she replied, “No.” “It was not the other way around; they chose to leave me.”

After ten years, Emily and I have developed significantly. Since our jobs have flourished, we are always adding to our savings. And Allison, our nine-year-old daughter, is our child.

Allison has only had her parents and our closest friends to rely on because Emily’s parents vanished and my parents are abroad.

Prior till recently.

Emily’s mother Catherine just happened to show up at our door. She carried a bottle of wine and a fruit basket.

I opened the door for her, and she said, “Emily.” “I’ve returned!”

My wife’s expression was utterly confused. She listened to her mother talk while she carried on chopping veggies for our dinner.

Catherine declared, “I’ve left your father.” “I came to understand that it was him who kept me from being with you. I should not have paid attention.

I started cooking and left Emily to handle her mother. I was aware that Emily wouldn’t abandon her mother in spite of everything she had said over the years. She couldn’t express how much she missed her.

Emily and her mother were getting along like a house on fire hours later. Although Catherine seemed happy to see Allison, I couldn’t get rid of a bad sensation in my stomach.

Emily called Catherine “Mom.” “Ali is totally comfortable with you. Perhaps you should give her more time. Take her out for ice cream and could you possibly watch her for a while?

It surprised me how Catherine responded.

She smirked and replied, “Of course, but you know, my time is valuable.”

Catherine was prepared to watch babies after a few days.

She settled into our living room and remarked, “You two can go out for a date night or something.”

Emily felt happy that her mother was with Allison as we departed from our house.

Over the next few weeks, it occurred a few more times. I also observed that my daughter was growing more quiet. She would always shake her head and not answer when we inquired about her time with Grandma.

Allison was an expressive child who got thrilled easily, so this was completely different from her.

Then, Emily discovered a crumpled piece of paper while organizing Allison’s room’s dirty clothing.

After our friends and I had returned from a hike, Catherine had been minding Allison.

“Lucas!” Emily yelled.

Emily was studying the painting while going through Allison’s box, which was our daughter’s small spending box, when I quickly ran upstairs.

Emily told me, “There’s no way,” and then showed me the drawing.

The artwork by Allison, which showed Catherine stealing our daughter’s pocket money, indicated that the box was nearly empty at this point, with a few dollars tucked into the corner.

“Is it likely that she would do that?” With wide eyes, Emily inquired. “What else would Ali buy with her entire fortune?”

I said, “There’s only one way to find out.”

Emily trailed me as I hurried downstairs, where I discovered Catherine getting ready to depart with her purse slung over one shoulder.

“Show me your purse,” I said.

“How could you?” Catherine cried out and looked to Emily for support.

I said, “Do it, Catherine.”

When Catherine reluctantly opened her purse, Allison’s pocket money was inside.

“I can elucidate,” she stated.

With a cold voice, Emily stated, “You’d better.”

“I had to receive payment. On the first night, I told you that, but you didn’t listen. Thus, believing that you had left the money with Allison for me, I grabbed it from her,” Catherine remarked.

Emily’s jaw fell.

“You robbed a youngster of their money voluntarily? from your own grandchildren? Emily spit out.

Did you know that Allison won’t discuss you? She never talks about the things you two get up to. Did you instruct her to remain silent? stated Emily.

With a sigh, Catherine turned to face the ceiling.

Indeed. She admitted, “I told her not to say anything.”

“Go now,” I yelled. “Go from this house, and don’t come back.”

With desperation, Catherine turned to face Emily, but Emily avoided eye contact.

Lucas, you heard,” Emily remarked.

Following that, we got down with Allison and gave her confidence to tell us the truth. She related to us how, on their first night of babysitting, Catherine discovered her box just as she was putting Allison to bed.

Allison muttered, “She told me not to say anything.”

To ensure our daughter’s mental health, Emily and I decided to send her to counseling. We had no idea what harm this experience might have caused her.

After a few weeks, Allison has returned to her happy self. We’ve also assured her that she won’t see Catherine ever again.

How would you have responded in that situation?

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