After being rude to his son’s wife, the father-in-law felt the impact of karma immediately.

Priya consents to having her husband Kevin’s parents take them out to dinner. However, the pair receives mocking comments alongside their food at the eatery.

Kevin and I accepted his parents’ invitation to dinner with much anticipation. We hadn’t had time to catch up with them as we were just married and had returned from our honeymoon.

“Are you sure you want to do it, Priya?” While I was getting ready for the evening out, Kevin inquired.

Indeed! I let out a cry. “You know, I have to spend more time with them now that they’re family.”

Kevin put on his shoes while sitting on the bed’s edge. I was aware that he was worried about my parents’ reaction to him.

Their lack of understanding doesn’t mean they didn’t like me. Sasha, Kevin’s mother, and I had only spent roughly four hours together before the wedding. Regarding John, Kevin’s dad, I don’t believe I’ve ever been by myself.

Kevin laughed, “At least they’re spoiling for dinner.”

We were both pleasantly pleased that they had picked a classy restaurant for supper, so I laughed.

As soon as we arrive at the restaurant, Sasha and John leap to greet us.

“What was the honeymoon like?” questioned Sasha. “We need you to tell us everything,”

Kevin hinted, “Mom, it’s not something we’ll talk about, but we can show you some photos.”

After that, everyone laughed and the evening was nice until my mother-in-law suddenly revealed something shocking in a way that seemed funny.

She looked at me and remarked, “I never thought my son would truly settle down with someone.”

I nearly asphyxiated on my wine.

My father-in-law interjected before I had a chance to gather myself from the shock.

“Much less with someone like you,” he laughed.

I was taken aback. I felt compelled to ask for an answer for myself.

Kevin looked at me, his eyes nearly bulging from his head.

John disclosed that he and Sasha had had an entirely other kind of person in mind for their son—someone more attractive.

“That classic, stunning kind of beauty. You understand?” John chuckled.

Yes, Sasha replied, “the kind that talks about old money.”

The realization disturbed and wounded me.

The chat came to a stop when the waiter arrived and took our orders.

“Mom, Dad,” Kevin said as soon as the waiter departed.

“What’s up, kid?” John enquired. “We’re just expressing what we’ve always believed.”

Sasha responded, “But you’ve always been surprising, I’ll give you that.”

And I just sat there the whole time. They looked at each other, talking in a way that infuriated me while I sat there, unable to believe I was there.

John smiled at me across the table and said, “Don’t worry, Priya—you’re good-looking enough.”

I was at a loss for words in response to such a declaration. Though I knew it would be the worst thing I could ever do, I wanted to throw my drink at him.

Karma then took care of herself.

As though on cue, a waiter bringing a dish of hot soup stumbled and unintentionally dumped the boiling liquid over my father-in-law’s lap.

My angry feelings quickly changed to a mixture of shock and stifled laughter. However, I followed my intuition and put some water on John’s lap to assist cool the hot soup.

He was obviously in a lot of agony. My mother-in-law took over while I asked the server to bring more cool water.

I did the same thing when the server delivered a jug of water to our table.

Kevin’s parents didn’t think twice about their earlier remarks because they were too focused on the regrettable event.

Sasha wiped at John’s pants with a napkin and exclaimed, “Oh boy.” “There will be a noticeable stain left behind.”

“Isn’t that tomato soup?” When Sasha applied too much pressure, John winced and smelled.

“Are you alright?” Kevin posed a mocking question.

“White vinegar and dishwashing liquid,” I added. “That ought to get rid of the stain.”

“Beauty and intelligence, huh?” Kevin laughed.

While I waited for my prawn and ginger dumplings to come, I relaxed and had a glass of wine.

Maybe the cosmos decided to serve quick Karma at that precise moment to serve as a reminder to all of us that words have power and that true beauty is deeper than meets the eye.

When we got home, Kevin said he was sorry for what his parents had said, but I tried to comfort him that it wasn’t his fault. They were merely two elderly folks who were steadfast in their beliefs about the ideal existence for their kid.

My in-laws visited the following day, bringing pastries as Sasha had recollected how much I enjoyed cinnamon buns.

Afterward, while enjoying coffee and sweets, my father-in-law remarked, “I couldn’t have asked for a better woman for my son.”

They then expressed regret for everything.

Have you ever experienced anything like this before?

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