Revenge in the Sky

Even the nicest of skies might turn sour at times, but flying can still be an enjoyable adventure. On the “petty revenge” section on Reddit, a user posted a narrative about an incident that happened on an August 2020 trip from India. A 14-year-old Redditor was caught in the middle of a conflict involving her father, a naughty kid, and an arrogant household in this story.

When a family of three sat down right behind the Redditor and her father, problems started. A small boy, about nine or ten years old, sat just a row behind and spent no time in kicking the back of her seat, causing commotion to quickly spread across the cabin. Mature beyond her years, the young Redditor told her father about the disruption right away.

Her father handled the matter tactfully; he was a cool, collected man. He asked the young boy behind them to please stop kicking the seat. The toddler miraculously complied—but only for ten seconds. It didn’t seem like politely asking would fix the issue.

At that point, the father devised a retaliation scheme. He smiled mischievously and pushed his seat back as far as it would go, making the family behind them uncomfortable right away. The family objected and insisted that he sit up straight. However, the father did not waver and did not move an inch.

The flight attendant treated the incident with a surprising amount of support for the father’s retaliation, unmoved by the family’s appeals. The family watched in rising frustration as the father, now lovingly known as “Jerk Dad,” carried on a chat with the flight attendant.

The flight attendant was informed by “Jerk Dad” that the family was not comfortable with his reclined seat. Turning to face the father, the flight attendant inquired, “Would you like to keep it down?” Seizing the chance for a minor triumph, the father said with assurance, “Yes, please.”

“Well then, he can if he wants to,” the flight attendant said, making it obvious where he stood. It is not an issue for him. Enjoy your flight. After saying those things, he turned to leave the angry family sulking and grumbling to themselves.

The parents of the youngster who was being kicked whispered something nasty to one other, realizing their strategy had failed. They eventually succeeded in forcing their son to stop acting out. Still, the glares at her father, the flight attendant, and the Redditor persisted.

The Redditor’s father chose to keep his seat back for an additional hour in an effort to give the entitled parents a lesson they would never forget. He finally gave in and straightened his seat, but not before making sure the family had learned their lesson.

Ultimately, the Redditor and her father won their struggle at a high altitude. They were able to look back on their adventure as the jet touched down, confident that they had successfully and tactfully defended their rights. They got off the plane with a sense of relief, the flight’s problems behind them.

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