My doctor told me I was pregnant, although I hadn’t slept with a man in six years.

A lesb*ian woman was startled when she tested positive for pregnancy. She had no idea the road to the truth would be rocky.

A 23-year-old lesbian woman told the AskDocs sub on Reddit that she was frightened out after testing positive for pregnancy. She was worried it was cancer, that she had been se**xually a*bused, or that she had se**x but couldn’t recall.

The original poster (OP) stated that she is not se**xually active, although she does sleep with a woman she is dating around twice a month. The woman she was seeing was born female or cisgender, and she was unable to get OP pregnant.

The young woman last remembered having se**x with a male individual when she was in high school six years ago. She stated that she was 5’3″, 140 lbs, and overall healthy. To provide context for her health, she occasionally took Zoloft and utilized non-prescription allergy medication.

The Redditor began vomiting up on occasion about a month ago but didn’t worry about it, assuming it was a stomach bug. However, when the Redditor ultimately went to a Tennessee clinic since her condition was not improving, she was informed that she was pregnant.

She tried to explain that pregnancy was impossible, but the personnel who helped her insisted she was. She was unsure when her period had last come because she did not keep track of it. OP was scheduled to see a gynecologist shortly to confirm the pregnancy news, but because she was afraid, she needed rapid answers, adding:

“I’ve been reading that there are some kinds of cancer that can cause a positive pregnancy test, but I can’t find a lot of information about them.”

She wanted to know if anyone could say how likely that was. The only other possibility was that she conceived in November 2023 after drinking at her female friends’ house, where they had gathered to watch a football game.

OP stated that she did not drink and drive, so she slept on a friend’s couch. The young woman also didn’t drink much alcohol, only having about three drinks, so she didn’t feel she blacked out. The buddy she visited is a woman who is married to a male.

Trying to get to the bottom of the situation, OP texted her friend’s husband and asked if they’d slept together, but she was too inebriated to recall. The perplexed man took offense and maintained that he would never cheat on his wife or sleep with someone who was too inebriated to remember the experience in the morning.

OP wanted to believe and trust him, but she was concerned he had se**xually attacked her or was lying. The Redditor also mentioned that abortio**n is banned in her area, and she hoped that someone could explain what was going on there and whether there was another reason for the positive result.

In an update, she thanked readers for their encouraging answers, which made her feel less frightened despite not knowing the truth. She now realized it could be something other than cancer or pregnancy. OP was now at her parents’ house and feeling a little better.

Her parents offered to help her obtain an abortio**n in another state if she was pregnant. She then emailed her friend and told her everything, and the friend vowed for the rest of her life that she had not appeared drugged, but rather slightly drunk, on that fateful day.

The buddy indicated that she and her husband went to bed together, and OP slept on their couch. According to OP’s friend, her spouse would never do anything without the young woman’s knowledge. The Redditor was unsure, but she felt better and worked to avoid distrusting her pal.

Her parents assured her that even if it was cancer, it was not a death sentence. OP’s father intended to contact and ask if they could see a gynecologist the next day to get some answers. Two days after her last update, she returned with another.

The Redditor stated that she obtained an appointment with urgent care, which her mother took her to. A pregnancy test came back positive, but an ultrasound could not confirm the results. OP was sent to the emergency room (ER) since her results showed an empty uterus, requiring a quick response.

Their primary concern was that a fetus could be growing outside of OP’s uterus, which is exceedingly risky. A transvaginal ultrasound did not identify a pregnancy, but blood tests revealed that her hormone levels were extremely high while her potassium and iron levels were low.

Staff suspected there was something on her right ovary and performed laparoscopic surgery, which resulted in the removal of the entire ovary due to an immature teratoma tumor. OP did not recollect going into surgery or waking up, but she did remember being hysterical when she awoke.

She learned about the tumor later. A nurse informed her that they were consulting with doctors and obtaining pathology reports to assess whether the tumor was cancerous. OP thought she owed an apology to her friend and stayed at the hospital overnight.

The second blood test revealed that she still contained pregnancy hormones, but it was less than half of what it had been the day before. The hospital was certain that the tumor was to blame for both her nausea and vomiting. The doctor indicated they’d probably remove it regardless of whether it was cancerous or not, and she shouldn’t worry because she wasn’t going to die.

She may still bear children despite having only one ovary. A scan for more masses would be performed before she departed that day, which would set her mind at ease. Her potassium levels were restored to normal with an IV.

OP spoke with her pals from November 2023 overnight, who were not angry but concerned about her believing someone else had mistreated her. The Redditor also told the woman she’d been speaking with, and everything was on track.

The pathology test results were expected to take around two weeks, and if they revealed malignancy, OP would be referred to an oncologist. However, she is required to take a pregnancy test every two days for the next two weeks. If they came back positive, she had to call a doctor to figure out what was going on, adding:

“This has all been very strange and surreal, but I’m very thankful that I was not pregnant and that if I have cancer, it is probably treatable.”

OP is relieved she is not pregnant and that if it is cancer, it is treatable. She ended her update by thanking everyone who answered her inquiries and reassured her during her time of need. She still has anxieties, but she feels that Redditors have been quite helpful. They left some remarks, including one from a psychotherapist who remarked,

“An abdominal ultrasound will determine whether you are pregnant or whether something else is going on. If you are pregnant, they can date the pregnancy (roughly) to help you determine when conception occurred. Please provide an update following your gynecological checkup.”

“I’m really sorry this is happening to you, OP! Others have offered you valuable advice on alternative options. Were your garments disturbed when you awoke at their place? Were there any other males present that you didn’t know? “Did your friend (wife) mention whether she locked the door after they went to bed?” one individual inquired.

Before adding, “I understand your situation is quite frightening. Do not panic or spiral until you get further information. I’m delighted you reached out to your parents, and they are behind you. I’ll think about you and hope you get the answers you deserve.”

A physician who responded to her post listed pregnancy, testing of the wrong samples, and a third “most likely” explanation for the confusing results, saying, “I have never heard of this, but if your female se**xual partner had se**x with a male and got semen on her and then had s**ex with you, theoretically this could cause pregnancy. Parthenogenesis is defined as pregnancy without s**ex, which is what Mary purportedly experienced. I am fascinated; please let me know what they find.”

It’s a relief for OP to know she’s not pregnant, and Reddit users and professionals helped her stay calm so she could deal with her perplexing predicament, along with her parents’ support.

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