My family forced me to give up my well planned wedding to my sister because she was pregnant.

Sarah’s ideal wedding is almost here, three years later. However, Sarah cuts all ties with her family when her sister Liz asks Sarah to perform her wedding so that she can get married before her baby is born.

My sister wanted my wedding, which destroyed the three years I had spent arranging it.

This is the history:

After a few years of dating, Jacob eventually asked me to marry him.

I was going to marry him, of course. To me, he was everything. And with that, the child within me awoke, eager to have the lavish wedding of her dreams.


not with my household.

Every Sunday night, my parents had established a tradition of having dinner as a family. We therefore ate dinner as a family at my parents’ house tonight. My brother Michael, my sister Liz and her partner Sid, my parents Jacob and I, and the rest of the family were present.

Everything was moving smoothly. Overall, it was a nice evening with wonderful food and lively conversation.

Then again, things were different.

“I have an announcement with Sid!” Liz pronounced aloud as she put down her fork on her dish.

Sid got up and drew her up beside him.

“We have a baby!” Liz let out a cry.

Across the room, there was an explosion of applause and congrats from the table. Liz circulated a sonogram.

Liz turned to face me then and smiled mischievously.

“Sarah,” she said. Sid and I would really like to get married before the kid is born, and we are due in six months. I felt it would be ideal if you could provide us the location of your wedding right away, and you can hold off a little bit. What’s a few more months to be married after you’ve already waited three years?

All eyes were on me, and the room went silent. My parents appeared to accept that my dream was a pointless sacrifice in favor of Liz’s wishes when they nodded.

“What?” I enquired. “You have to be joking.”

My mother remarked, “I think it’s a lovely idea.” “And how wonderful that the child was born to married parents.”

My mother got a shaky head from me. Could she be more conventional and transparent?

I felt a lot of frustration pressing down on my chest. I grabbed my glass of champagne. My uncontrollable tears seemed to sparkle in the golden liquid.

In an effort to comfort and support me, Jacob stretched out and placed his hand on my knee.

I inhaled deeply before turning to face my sister.

“Lizzie, congratulations,” I said. “The most exciting news is that you are expecting a kid! But I just can’t give my wedding to you. Each and every small detail has been selected with purpose. Because it was at our friend’s wedding that Jacob and I first met, the location itself holds great meaning for me.

Mom let out a loud gasp, as if she was offended by my hesitation to comply with my younger sister’s request.

“I can assist you in arranging a wedding before the baby is delivered and in finding substitutes. I can’t, however, give you all Jacob and I have worked so hard to achieve.

Tension filled the air, and the quiet was nearly oppressive.

Liz’s expression twisted into one of disappointment and rage before welling up with tears.

I instantly felt transported back to my early years. It was the same old scene—she sobbing, my parents supporting her. Liz would typically wail until people gave in to her demands, even if they weren’t rightfully hers.

Liz replied, “You’re being selfish, like always,” as she sobbed deeply. “This baby that we are discussing is mine! The family’s first grandchild! And you really can’t even help me with just one thing?

My parents, skilled in deceit, added their voices to the chorus.

“Don’t spoil this for your sister, Sarah. Could you please simply give your younger sister this moment since you always put yourself first? Dad said, slicing through his steak.

Clutching at straws, Mom said, “And don’t be jealous that she’s having a baby first.”

Jacob hit the table with his fist and took hold of my hand. The rage that boiled inside of me was reflected in his eyes.

Sarah, you’re not going to allow them take this away from us. Through tight jaw, Jacob whispered, “This is our day.”

My father yelled, “That’s not how you’ll speak under my roof.”

We left the dinner, unable to handle the pressure of their expectations, and went on a stroll to decompress.

In the days that followed, my family’s emotional outbursts were a fog. I received a lot of texts criticizing my selfishness and claiming to be unaware of my changes.

The cherry on top was that they even attempted to cancel my reservation at the location by saying the wedding was off. Fortunately, the location was contacted to verify the account.

However, despite my family’s turmoil, Jacob and I were able to support one another. He was always telling me to go on lengthy walks to help me avoid thinking too much. He reassured me that our love outlasted the poisonous family ties we were severing.

As the wedding got closer, I told my family that they were no longer welcome and that if they came up, security would be prepared to escort them out. The majority of my family had not bothered to return our RSVPs when they were sent out.

On the day of the wedding, we were surrounded by those who genuinely mattered. With the light pouring through the windows as the sun sank, we exchanged vows.

Although I missed having my family around, I realized that without them, my day wouldn’t have been as memorable. They would not have allowed Liz to ruin my moment but rather made me feel bad for marrying Jacob.

Liz should be well into her pregnancy by now; I haven’t seen her since the terrible family dinner, but I’ve come to the conclusion that separating myself from my family was the wisest course of action.

Perhaps things will improve in the future. But now Jacob is part of my family.

Would you have allowed your sister to attend your wedding?

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