My mother advised me to divorce my husband, and I later saw them on a date.

Hi there, my name is Sarah, and I had a crazy experience that completely changed my perspective on life. Imagine myself at thirty-two, content, and enjoying life to the fullest in our cozy Los Angeles apartment with my spouse, David. Life was sweet—note the word “was.”

My mother phoned me one day in a very enigmatic way.

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Then, one day, I get a phone call from my mom Linda that feels like a kick to the stomach. Do you know the tone that parents adopt when they have a problem? She did, after all. Around town, there had been rumors that David was seeing an unidentified woman. How did I respond? A big “Wait, what?” accompanied by a massive amount of perplexity.

Time for a confrontation. That evening, when I set everything out for David, it was like a scenario from a soap opera. I’m here, trawling through the messed-up wreckage after we decide to part ways. The town turns into a minefield of whispered talks and pleading looks. Living in a fishbowl with everyone pounding on the glass is what it feels like.

You might argue that I ended our relationship fast, but in all honesty, it had been a long coming.

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As the days pass, I’m attempting to put my life back together. My friends become my pillar of support, my work my haven, and Netflix my therapy. But closure? is nowhere to be found. I have this persistent sensation that one important piece of the puzzle is missing.

So I went to the café where David and I used to relax on a Saturday that felt like any other. I mean, maybe a little nostalgia would be beneficial. False.

David and Mystery Woman are in a quaint little booth in the corner as I enter. There was laughter, mutual grins, and a certain connection. My stomach falls, and I’m left watching the man I broke up with go on faster than a Hollywood romance while I’m hidden in the shadows.

My mother was The Mystery Woman; she always gave the impression that she was a grieving widow.

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They were clutching each other’s hands. Betrayal is a sledgehammer blow. I’m frozen, taking in the spectacle. The café buzzes with bustle, yet it’s strangely quiet in my world. “What am I supposed to do in this situation?” I stagger into the storm, tears mingling with droplets. On the bright side, what should I do now?

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