My mother-in-law treats me like a slave, and my husband didn’t believe me until I secretly recorded her.

After being mistreated by her mother-in-law, a very pregnant woman decided to confront her. Nevertheless, the altercation did not turn out well.

It can be difficult to establish and maintain relationships with in-laws, particularly between mothers and daughters-in-law. The situation becomes much more challenging when a woman’s spouse chooses to support his mother over her.

Unfortunately, this was the mother’s experience, a 21-year-old expecting twin girls. The woman asked the Reddit community if her line of action was correct after sharing her experience.

The woman disclosed that her relationship with her mother-in-law has not always been harmonious. Six months after her father-in-law passed away, the situation deteriorated when the OP’s in-law moved in with her and her husband.

An Unsettling Bond with Her Mother-in-Law

Because of their disparate cultural backgrounds, a woman had a strained connection with her mother-in-law from the beginning. The mother of her husband was from a different continent than OP, who was from the West. She tried so hard to satisfy her in-laws, but she felt that she was constantly being scrutinized by her. To be honest, their tense relationship has the OP in tears.

The OP’s mother-in-law would frequently ask her to undertake tasks; once, she asked her daughter-in-law to prepare a meal from her native country without assistance or direction.

OP did her homework on the meal and did her best to prepare it correctly to win over her husband’s mother. But no matter how hard she tried, the food was ignored. The commenter stated:

“[She] threw her entire plate away after taking one bite and telling me it was terrible.”

begging her mother-in-law to be understanding

The woman repeatedly begged her mother-in-law to treat her better after numerous instances of disrespect and anguish but to no effect. The in-law would inform OP’s husband that his wife was being disrespectful whenever this occurred.

She was unable to handle all the chores, cooking, and errand running because she was pregnant. The mother-in-law would constantly criticize the OP for doing things incorrectly, even when she was carrying out her orders for tasks. The female stated:

“She finds it incomprehensible that her son would wed a person who isn’t even capable of being a wife.”

Taking Empathy For Herself

The woman eventually reached her breaking point with his mother-in-law’s antics. She refused to be dictated to and stood up for herself, telling the elder woman. She refused to do anything for her in-laws until they showed her kindness.

Whether the mother-in-law agreed with it or not, the OP also underlined that she was the mother of her born and unborn grandchildren as well as the wife of her son.

Sadly, her remarks were not warmly received. When the OP’s mother-in-law became enraged, she began to belittle her and term the expectant mother disrespectful to her elders. The mother-in-law further stated that she was “disgusted” her son wed a woman of that caliber.

Choosing to support his mother above his wife

Even after everything that transpired, the OP’s spouse continued to support his mother. After she called him to vent about what his wife had done, he empathized with her narrative.

In a conversation with his spouse, he begged her to show his mother more compassion in her time of grief. Furthermore, he felt that she was not making a lot of effort to maintain their bond as mother and daughter-in-law.

The woman complained, “I brought this to my husband’s attention enough times, and all he did was downplay his mom’s action.” She now questions whether she made a mistake in reprimanding her husband’s mother.

The woman decided to bring her husband evidence after witnessing him support his mother. The OP decided to show her husband her mother-in-law on camera being like the cruel person that she is. At last, he took the initiative and gave his mother ground rules. He did not, however, feel it was right to throw her out of the house.

Do you believe the woman was wrong to assert her rights?

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