If you see a rubber band on your front door handle, you should know what it means.

Few things in life are more crucial than ensuring our own and our loved one’s safety and security.

Obviously, most of us prefer to stay clear of danger whenever we can, especially when it comes to our homes.

No matter how big or tiny, old or brand-new, our homes have given us an extra sense of security for as long as people have been civilized.

For this reason, when we become the victims of burglaries and similar crimes, it truly scares us. I get the shivers at the thought of a stranger breaking into our house and having free reign to touch or steal anything they want.

Since I’m sure I’m not the only one, I figured it would be a good idea to relay this vital warning about a strategy some criminals use to get access to properties by preying on gullible homeowners. Are you curious to learn more? Continue reading…

Most people take their home security very seriously. Some people have dogs that they use as a protective and warning mechanism. Some people place security cameras outside their homes in the hopes of deterring potential criminals or, if they don’t, filming them.

But as history has repeatedly shown, thieves always try to stay one step ahead of the preventative measures put in place to thwart them.

Caution! There was a loud, almost thumping knock at my front door two weeks ago throughout the day.

Kim Fleming Cernigliaro, a Texas woman, discovered that a few years ago when she was the target of an alleged break-in attempt at her residence.

Kim used Facebook to describe what had transpired after her terrible experience, which happened in 2016, and to issue a fairly ominous warning that people would be well to heed.

She started her post by saying, “Two weeks ago, during the day, there was a forceful knock at my front door—not just a knock, but nearly a pounding—and I honestly thought someone might have required aid because of something, but something didn’t feel right. and when I’m here by myself, I NEVER answer the door. Therefore, don’t bother!

“After a few knocks, they eventually departed. I looked through my door’s stained glass and saw that it was a man. I went outside after about thirty minutes to check for what I assumed would be a pamphlet, but what I discovered was a rubber band wrapped around my knob, which held the door open when I unlocked the latch. Ron advised me to pull the gun out and leave it out when I phoned him.

Remarkably, according to accounts, Kim had been dangerously near to falling victim to a scam that thieves used to break into people’s houses.

Kim continued her message by saying that she had spoken with the local sheriff, who told her that it was rapidly gaining traction in area.

“They don’t wait for you to turn the knob; they can barge in on you as soon as you unlatch the door,” she said. Well, just be cautious—I used to be so trusting, but not at all these days!”

Watch the video below to learn more about the rubber band trick:

Whoa! From here on, I’ll be reconsidering answering the door to unexpected visitors! To assist us in spreading the word, please share this article.

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