On Reddit, a guy revealed the story of his family in an attempt to get feedback on whether or not he made the correct decision. Their mother had not been in contact with him or his sister until one day she showed up at their residence without warning.

Her abandonment as a child meant that the man and his sister would spend the majority of their lives without a mother. She found out at the time that she was gay and that the dad of the siblings no longer piqued her interest.

She never said goodbye to her four-year-old daughter and her ten-year-old son. She also never provided her partner with a suitable reason. She left a note instead.

She admitted to being in love with her girlfriend in the note. She did not even mention her son and daughter when wishing her spouse well.

The Man Was Hateful Because He Was Abandoned

The father’s telling his kids about what had transpired caused his son to become especially hateful. He detested the LGBTQ community as a child because it made him think of his mother.

He eventually understood, though, that he shouldn’t be detesting them. He clarified, “It wasn’t gay people who caused pain; it was my mother.”

The man was 27 years old and was getting married in a few months. By that time, his father had remarried, and he spoke highly of his stepmother. The man’s sister was likewise engaged.

They Had a Dinner Party with Unexpected Visitors

Everything was going smoothly. The man’s father’s estate was the destination of an unannounced knock on the door one evening when he was supposed to have supper with his in-laws and the rest of the family.

The man stated, “We had a knock on the door, and it was a random woman. I said, ‘Hi, how can I help you?'”

She identified herself as the mother’s girlfriend, which surprised him. Then she asked to speak with him.

The man said no, furious, and closed the door. His father questioned him about who it was when he returned inside.

The woman was a house wrecker, he informed his father. At first, his father didn’t get it. His sister went on to say that their mother’s partner was the person in question.

Their dad’s response was different from what they had anticipated. He appeared to be sorrowful rather than angry.

The man observed that it was probably the trauma of suddenly returning to his father. When word spread that the two women were holding hands, everyone turned to see out the window.

They Addressed the Woman About Her Departure

The man’s sister was forced to confront her mother. She questioned why she had chosen to appear after all these years.

She went on to say that she had spoken with one of their uncles. She found that her two children were getting married through him.

Their mother then made the most unexpected request: she wanted an invitation to both weddings. The man was astonished.

The man shot back, “You hide in your car and send the homewrecker to try and have a conversation, then you abandon your two young children for your own needs.”

Their mother burst into tears. While the older residents of the estate urged them to go, her girlfriend consoled her.

The mother received a nasty wake-up instead of an invitation. If they didn’t leave his land, the man’s father vowed to call the police.

Her son avoided her in addition to the other guests telling her that her ex-partner was correct to prohibit communication between her and the kids. He was relieved their mother had never attempted to get in touch with them.

The mother and her partner walked out after ranting at the whole family. Despite their efforts to make apologies, they were criticized for their homophobic views.

The man questioned if he was being unreasonable in asking his mother to leave. He went to Reddit to get feedback on whether or not what he had done was morally correct.

One person wrote, “She’s not a lesbian; she hasn’t received an invitation because she left you.”

“Over the past 17 years, where has she been? Another person said, “That’s a very long time to not even try to contact you or be in any communication at all.

The man explained that for the first three years, his mother attempted to get in touch, but his father forbade them from doing so. He continued to think that she needed more than just an invitation, though.

The man remarked, “It’s incomprehensible that so many people are supporting my mother’s actions, believing she simply has the right to do whatever she wants.”

How would you have responded if you had been the man? Would you have requested your mother to go, or would you have attempted to mend your relationship with her?

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