My partner AND SON

My partner and I want an intimate supper and entertainment. Following past break-ins, we placed the cat in the backyard and turned on a “night light.”

Our tube cat rushed up the stairs after we left our front door for our Uber. We were unwilling to part from our cat’s pursuit of our parakeet.

my husband hurried inside to get her and placed her in the yard because she was left alone.

I told the Uber driver my husband would say goodnight to my mother so he wouldn’t know our house would be empty all night.

“Sorry it took so long, however, that dumb bitch was hiding under the bed and I had to poke her ass with a coat hanger to get her to come out,” he added, entering the Uber heated and irritated. As the car drove off, I became more and more terrified and laughing. When she attempted to pull away, I caught her by the neck and wrapped her to stop her from grabbing me again.

Nevertheless, it was successful! I told her not to piss on the vegetable patch again as I threw her huge ass down the stairs and into the garden.

The silence of Uber was deafening.

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