People share their dating experiences that went awfully wrong.

Some dates have so many embarrassing moments that you want to end them before you even get started. The stories that follow focus on dating mishaps that took a dramatic turn for the worse. Few things in life compare to the excitement of a potential date: the build-up, the jokes, and the potential for a deeper kind of connection.

However, as anyone who has gone on several dates understands, not all of them end up being enchanted affairs.Even though we hope for romance and passion, some dates end up like the amusing and unexpected dating disasters below— uncomfortable, embarrassing stories that make us want to leave as soon as possible.

Thankfully, it’s over. On Reddit, a woman described her awful dating experience. They went on a walk on their first date, but her date took up the entire conversation for an hour, complaining about everything in his life and letting him have no say in the matter.

..He finally reached a breaking point and made the decision to drive home rather than continue the argument, excuse himself to use the lavatory. He ordered her food at a restaurant with presumption, disregarded the bartender’s warning about hard-to-open caps, and ended up getting juice on himself.

His conceit became apparent when he berated the employees and said that his native country was superior. Even though she was uncomfortable in a place she went to often, he persisted in his tirade against the alleged incompetence. As the evening went on, the man declared his desire to take over as manager and fire those he considered to be incompetent.

The woman suggested sharing the check when it arrived, taking into account his past conversations regarding financial matters. He yelled at her in return. She went out, leaving money on the table, but he continued to rave about how great his country was.

When he insisted on walking her home, she gave in to his demands in an attempt to prevent a scene. The trip was awkward quiet, and when he finally arrived at her front door, he tried to push his way in under the pretext that she owed him. She refused, shoving him aside and hurling more cash at him before announcing the end of their conversation.

She texted him sharply from inside, threatening to call the police if he didn’t leave. The following day, he had to deal with his aunt’s insolence, who lived close by. She told about the terrible date and claimed that his family ought to have “raised him better.” She didn’t worry if the family never spoke to her again after this occurrence.

When others asked where he was from, she said he was from Serbia, stressing that his actions were not a reflection of his nationality but rather of his own failings and fears.

Getting Out A Reddit member recounted going on his first date with a girl who insisted on eating at an incredibly expensive restaurant, ordering a $15 cocktail, a $45 steak, and a $25 appetizer. She was glued to her phone the entire meal, answering texts and taking calls nonstop. When the waitress noticed this, she gave him a subdued signal.

The waitress offered to prepare separate bills when he excused himself. With pleasure, he agreed. He paid his share of the bill and said, “That would be wonderful!” before leaving for home.

A Shared Kiss A man, eighteen, living in the dorms while stationed in the Air Force, was set up on a date with his girlfriend’s cousin by his roommate. The four of them chose to go to the movies, and his date shocked them all by showing up with a huge blue rabbit—not the kind of little trinket you find on a keychain. She clarified that despite the comic nature of the selected film, the large plush animal provided solace during movie viewings. The group decided to get ice cream after the movie, and then they went to the cousin’s house. His date advised him to kiss Pebbles, the enormous stuffed rabbit, as well as her as they approached the door to stave off any possible jealously. Thinking back on the strange circumstances, he underlined that he did, in fact, kiss Pebbles, finding his date to be really attractive but definitely weird.

Making the decision to quit Once, a guy was put up on a blind date with a female by his buddy. When they first met at the theater, he noticed that she didn’t look anything like the pictures on Myspace. To make things even more complicated, she brought him up to her parents and brother, who was nine years old, who had come to see “Gnomeo and Juliet.” Puzzled but unflinching, he managed to sit through the movie, even though he had to deal with his date’s sibling kicking the back of his seat nonstop for the whole twenty minutes. He reached a breaking point and made the decision to end the relationship, excuse himself to use the restroom, and choose to drive home.

An Perplexing Request On Twitter, a woman shared her first-date experience to the London Zoo. Her date unexpectedly asked if she would mind paying for her own ticket at the door, and she said yes. After that, the date produced a two-for-one voucher, so she had to pay for her ticket while he was admitted free of charge.

A Significant Turn Off During a dinner date, a man’s wedding band inadvertently fell out of his pocket as he reached for his wallet—a “rookie mistake” for keeping both items in the same location. The woman immediately put some cash on the table and made the decision to walk home, overcome with contempt at the circumstances. It was one of the few times in her life that she’d been too disgusted by events to feel like eating.

The Check Is Not Here. A man was shocked when a female said, “Actually I’m engaged but I’m not 100% sure if he’s the right one,” during their first date. I will thus go on a few dates to see if I have a change of heart. The dude didn’t stay long before asking for the check and quickly leaving.

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